Why Choose Online Casinos Over Real-Life Ones

Gambling, in one form or another, has been present in every human society in history. People would bet on various games (this is the origin of casinos) and events of all kinds (this is the origin of modern sports betting) for as long as games and competitions existed. We might say that wagering is in our nature.

The first modern gambling house – a casino by definition – was established in Venice, Italy. It was called Ridotto and was functional for over 100 years. The term “Casino” itself originates from Italy – it was a name used for a small country house or villa at first, but later transformed into a term describing a palazzo or larger villa that was used for various pleasurable activities, like music, dancing, and gambling.

In Italian the term “casino” (without an accent on the final O) means “brothel, mess, or a noisy environment”, and this brings us to the first huge advantage an online casino has over real-life establishments with the same name.

You see, casinos – real-life, brick, and mortar establishments – are not to be found in every town. I live in a relatively small town with around 200,000 citizens, but there is no casino here, only a few small slots clubs and a poker room or two. To reach the closest real-life casino I would have to travel about 150 miles – it wouldn’t be worth the gas for a few hours of real-life playing. Besides, casinos tend to be crowded and noisy – there is no way to enjoy my favorite games in silence and comfort.

The online gambling version of these fine establishments in turn brings the casino to my home, no matter how far it is from me. It’s like having a small piece of the city or a little section of any country on a mountain top – online casinos are just a click away, and offer everything a real-life establishment can, but with much lower costs and much more comfort. Not to mention the time and gas I can save by not driving 150 miles.

Besides, an online casino is never closed. There are no business hours – I can play whenever I want, even while I eat my breakfast in the kitchen or while I relax in the hot tub. Besides, I don’t have to dress up to play at an online casino – I can do it in my underpants, or even my birthday suit if I feel like it. Beat that, real-life casinos 🙂

Some might say that playing online lacks a thing that real-life casinos have – personal interaction. This is not entirely true, though – all modern casinos have live dealer games, that allow players to wager against a real dealer (usually an attractive female one) and it’s almost like the real thing. I’m sure there will be even more immersive solutions introduced in the future, to make online casino gaming even more exciting and fun for everyone.

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