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Tips for Slot Machines

There are no real skill strategies that can be applied to Slot machine gambling. There are however more logical strategies that a player can use to be more educated when it comes to Slot machines and know where and when to play.

Picking an Online Slot Machine:

The first consideration any player needs to look at is whether he/she would like to have fun (play for longer periods of time), try and make some money quickly, or play for the big progressive jackpots… Once you know what you want from the slot machine it is easy to pick a slot machine that will suit your needs. If for instance, you are a player who just wants to have fun and stretch your bankroll for as long as possible, it will be better for you to try a machine with a single payline and wagers of $0.50. Remember that the longer you can stay at a machine, the bigger your chance of hitting the jackpot on that slot. Players who just want to try and make some quick cash and then leave again will have to consider slot machines with stakes bigger than $1 whereas players who want to go for the big one and have lots of time and a big bankroll, need to go for the progressive jackpot slot machines.

After deciding what type of slot machines a player wants to target, he/she needs to go find them and practice on them. Most casinos will let you download their software and play for free with fake money. Some (the good ones) also have flash versions that you don’t need to download. These are sometimes a better option as you don’t have to worry about the download and most of the time, flash versions are much smaller with fewer games, which means that they have only the real good games selected to be on them.

It’s time to learn the payout tables. Some online slot machines will have the tables presented on the screen next to the reels, and others will want the player to click on a button to reveal the tables. Knowing the tables is especially a good idea when playing multiple spin slots where the initial spin is free and the player can choose to hold some of the symbols. Knowing the payout tables can make a big difference in a player’s decision-making, therefore, the bankroll. If a player is playing the slots with progressive jackpots or multipliers, remember to always place the maximum bet. These machines will only pay out the jackpots if the maximum bet is played on all the lines.

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