The Limits of Live Casinos

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We have illustrated far and wide all the main peculiarities of the best live casinos and we are sure to have drawn a panorama made of innovation, quality, and fun that is strong with many characteristics, to say the least positive, but now we also want to make a small focus on what are the limits of live casinos.

As we have had the opportunity to say and explain, live casinos exist by virtue of the technology that has streaming as the protagonist, it is, therefore, no coincidence that those who are the (few) limits of live gaming are strictly linked to the proper functioning of streaming.

What Are the Limits in Question?

Lack of some games: the first limitation of the best live casinos is the lack of some titles, and slot machines above all, which despite their fame and diffusion cannot benefit from streaming technology. From this point of view, slots are the best example: although they are among the most popular games in online casinos around the world, they simply would not make sense in a live key and therefore are never offered as an offer for the game. direct.

Connection requirement: considering that the real added value of live casinos lies in what they can offer thanks to video streaming allowing users to virtually sit in front of a real dealer and follow the game in an absolutely fluid and efficient way, it is naturally a priority that users have an adequate connection. Today, thanks to compression technologies, it is almost always possible to play live without experiencing annoying waits or disconnections, so much so that as we have seen it is now common to also play from mobile, but it is still a theme to keep in mind.

Welcome Bonuses and Game Promotions

Not only does playing in a live casino still give access to all the other promotions and other bonuses present in the online casino we use, but more often than not it allows us to be entitled to other additional bonuses and special prizes dedicated to this section, a topic that we have explained better in the paragraph dedicated to what live casinos are in our in-depth study and which of course is an integral part of the success that live casinos are rapidly maturing in the global panorama of digital gaming, as on the other hand it always happens when we talk about bonuses and special prizes.

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