The casino culture has spread its wings everywhere globally and there is no exception in this regard. The casino fever has indeed gripped the in the form of mobile betting, spread betting, and internet gambling. There are more opportunities for gambling with the spread of internet technology. The internet has allowed people to gamble twenty-four hours a day and over the last ten years through remote betting through the internet, mobiles, interactive Television, and other latest electronic gadgets. The number of visitors to online casino websites within the past two years has increased fourfold ever since the beginning of the year 2000.

The online casino gaming industry is estimated to be worth £40 billion with the establishment of styled Casinos and a string of smaller casino venues that would boost the coffers of the treasury. The casinos are now allowed to advertise on television and the casino visitors are no longer required to register twenty-four hours in advance. However, there is an inherent health risk attached to the national health due to this casino culture. The physicians of the British Medical Association or BMA warn that teenagers and women, in particular, are at higher risk of becoming casino gaming addicts which needs urgent action.

As per the 1999 reports, there are an estimated 300,000 known problematic gamblers in the United Kingdom and this may be more during the present year. Casino addiction is ranked equal with drug and alcohol abuse and it is estimated that three-quarters of gambling addicts suffer from depression. Thus, there is an urgent need to look into the vicious cycle of casino culture that is responsible for creating financial and health hazards.

Live Online Bonuses

A casino bonus is an incentive given by all the casino game companies or operators when the incumbent casino player signs up and makes his or her first bonus deposit. These bonuses provide an opportunity for casino players to win huge amounts that are sometimes over three times the amount deposited by the players. It is a great opportunity to increase the cash or bank balance in hand. To obtain the best casino bonuses the player needs to estimate how much he or she is looking to deposit and play. The more or bigger the bonus amount, the more the player will have to play the casino games in order to get the bonus released in full. The important thing that a player needs to consider when selecting a casino at which to play is the bonus that the website is offering.

These bonuses will help in increasing the original bankroll at the casino and helps the player to play much longer with an initial deposit. The casino bonuses are of the following types:

• Reload bonuses,

• Deposit bonuses,

• Refer friend promotions,

• VIP Program Rewards are the other type of casino bonus.

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