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Here, you will find small information but a good collection of really high-quality classic casino games with a stylish and modern twist. Table games of all kinds – Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, casino poker, etc. – are perhaps the first things many people think of when they hear the word “casino”. And slot machines come in all shapes and colors, but there is not much that can beat a really exciting game in any of the timeless table games! At our best online casino, you will find thousands of slot machines!

Unlike slot machines, table games can be a little more challenging to understand. We know that there are many players out there who are curious about these classics but do not really dare to take the leap to play for real. In land-based casinos, it can feel a little overwhelming to sit down at the blackjack table among all the experienced players. And even online, there is often a barrier – you look at the complexity of the table and decide quite quickly to play on some of the slot machines instead.

We here see it as an important task to inform that table games do not have to be particularly complicated or difficult. Yes, there are games that require a lot of strategy and knowledge. For example, in blackjack and casino poker you need to know well in order to maximize your chances of winning. But getting started does not have to be difficult – on the contrary, it is always fun and challenging to get acquainted with a new game. In addition, there are some table games that do not require any skills at all – just a basic understanding. Roulette, baccarat,  and craps are examples of such games.

What exactly are table games?

When we talk about “table games”, we generally mean classic casino games that are played on a table. It’s no more mysterious than that. We must include that we also include video poker in this category. Video poker is not a table game in that sense, but since the game is so intimately connected to standard poker and casino poker, it is most convenient to include this game as well.

Unlike slot machines, table games have not really changed that much in recent years. The fact that the game took the step online has obviously caused some new variations and elements, but overall, the game is exactly like what you would find in gaming venues a hundred years ago – or in some cases, hundreds of years ago!

The most popular table game today is probably blackjack. Blackjack is in many ways the perfect casino game, with elements of both luck and skill, a lot of excitement for the money, and a good return for the player (provided you play the right way, of course). Blackjack is now available in the live version at most online casinos. This means that you play with a real croupier who takes care of the handing out of cards and the course of the game. Very entertaining, especially if you are looking for a really real casino atmosphere.

Roulette is another immortal classic among table games. Although the game may seem a bit complicated at first glance, all roulette players can attest that it is extremely easy to learn. Roulette is simple in the sense that it is based solely on luck, and that there are no statistically bad moves. It is simply impossible to make “mistakes”. But it is of course important to have a basic understanding of the various bets, their odds and payout.

Yes, we could go on and on. Baccarat, video poker, casino poker, and craps are just a few examples of the alluring world of table games. Our advice is: try them for yourself, and do not be afraid of new gaming experiences!

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