Safe Casinos: Here’s How to Find Them

Playing in one of the safe casinos is a way to have fun and also aim for some winnings. Of course, you have to do it with the right awareness and know that it is also possible to lose. So play only the money you can lose and don’t risk everything you have. That said, many players are often afraid of approaching this world because they do not trust gaming platforms, fearing cheating or fearing that their postal and bank details may be stolen. But is this actually the case? Can you really be scammed or cheated in casinos? In this guide, we will try to answer your questions and give useful information to choose among the best safe online casinos. We start from a fundamental premise, namely the license that platforms must have to be legal.

Aams Safe Casinos, What Are They?

Safe online casinos must be licensed by a government body to be legal. Without this license, the site will be considered illegal, and most likely it will be blocked, meaning you will no longer be able to access it. Now let’s see what AAMS and ADM are, two fundamental acronyms in your gaming experience that you need to know well.

Aams and Adm Safe Casinos

The acronym AAMS stands for Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. Until a few years ago it was an organ of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its role was to manage public gambling and control the taxation of gambling. As mentioned, for some years it has been incorporated by the Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM). Among its objectives is that of managing the public gaming and therefore authorizing and controlling safe casinos.

Having the ADM certification is the only way for safe online casinos to operate. The government agency also ensures that a number of criteria are met, including the payment of taxes and the safety of games and personal data. This is a point in favor of the players, who by betting and wagering in a safe casino are sure to be faced with certified and legal games.

How to Recognize Safe Online Casinos

How to recognize safe online casinosFortunately, it is very simple to understand if the platform you play on is a safe online casino. Just go to the chosen site and see if at the top or bottom of the page (usually it is there) there is the symbol of the ADM. There are two versions:

A tricolor half rudder with the initials ADM. This was the same symbol also used by the AAMS, but of course, the abbreviation changed.

Astar with a tricolor inside, twelve stars surrounding it, and the inscription to its right, Agenzia Dogane Monopoli.

If you notice these symbols then you can rest assured because they are safe and certified casinos, if you can’t find them anywhere you start to worry. No legal site will hide its licenses, so it means that the platform you have chosen does not have one and therefore it is illegal.

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