Roulette Board: What Is There to Know?

Roulette Table

The roulette table as we have seen is composed of two main elements: the wheel, divided into boxes on which the ball first moves and then stops, and the board, which is where the bets take place.

Although the roulette board, the so-called green carpet, we can say that it is generally quite intuitive to understand its sections and functioning, we still want to highlight its main features:

Internal Points Section

This is the main part of the board, where we find all the boxes relating to the single numbers including 0, naturally ordered sequentially and with the corresponding alternation of red and black. It is in this section that we place our chips when we want to bet on a single number (or split, cross, square or sixth).

External Points Section

It is normally placed on the left side of the main section and is where we find the spaces corresponding to the possible bets, i.e. the presence of the following boxes:

1 – 18: half of the scoreboard corresponding to this interval
2 – 36: half of the scoreboard corresponding to this interval
1st 12: numbers ranging from 1 to 12
2nd 12: numbers ranging from 13 to 24
3rd 12: numbers ranging from 25 to 36
Even: to bet on matching numbers
Odd: to bet on matching numbers
Red: to bet on matching numbers
Black: to bet on matching numbers

The Bets in Online Roulette

Roulette Live

To get to the heart of the part played, we can say that there are two types of online roulette bets , each to be used in very specific cases.

Which ones are they? They are called internal bets and external bets and now we are going to tell them in more detail:

Inside Bets

In the case of inside bets, the gains are greater, but the probability of winning is lower because in this case the bets involve betting on the output of a single number among the 36 possible, thus giving access to a win equal to 35 times the amount wagered.

Depending on the case, we talk about betting your money with one of these combinations:

In full, or on a single number
On horseback or on 2 numbers
In transversal, in full transversal, or on 3 numbers
Squared, or on 4 numbers

Outside Bets

Bets outside online roulette mean a higher probability of winning, even if the gains are often minimal: bets are made on multiple numbers at the same time with simple odds in red, black, even, odd, manque, and passe.

Each of these bets corresponds to betting your money on 18 numbers of online roulette: the last two, in particular, concern the numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36 respectively.

To multiply the chance to win, the player has to bet on 12 numbers: He can then put the chips by the dozen on the first 12 digits, on the central 12 numbers, or on the final ones, in order to double his profit.

Also for this purpose, bets can be made on the lower part of one of the 3 vertical columns of the online roulette game mat, betting on horseback and for 24 numbers, essentially betting on 2 dozen or 2 columns. The win, in this case, is half of the wagered amount.

Many gamblers find it an advantage of online roulette to bet with several techniques at the same time, even if only in a single game as long as the table limits set by each online roulette wheel are adhered to

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