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The number game Keno is one of the really classic casino games and is popular all over the world. Here you can learn more about the rules of Keno and how to play this popular game of chance. The most common Keno game, which has a drawn on TV every day. But there are many keno games that can be played in online casinos as well and with the great advantage that they pay out significantly more in winnings.

Unlike most other casino games, in Keno you can choose how much you have a chance to win and how big a chance of winning you want. Which previously had a monopoly on offering keno games, has long had “Easy to win” as its slogan and this is true to some extent. The chances of winning in Keno are significantly higher than for many of the other number games such as lotto and bingo. However, anyone who likes Keno can enjoy better winnings if they play at online casinos.

Keno system
There are some Keno systems you can use to maximize the amount you can win on Keno. You can place these strategies for Keno in two categories. In the first category, there are systems that deal with number selection and in the second the systems that are more about maximizing winning chances and winning amounts.

Hot and cold numbers
Since Keno is a purely random game, you can not really talk about hot and cold numbers because keno is a random game. However, there are players who could swear that it is an advantage to choose the numbers that have not been drawn for a long time so-called cold numbers. Of course, there are also players who claim the opposite. No matter what you think and feel, a keno system based on choosing either hot or cold numbers can make your game a little more fun, a little easier and definitely more exciting.

Win more at Keno with one system

There are some variants of Keno that only allow you to choose from a few options such as five or ten numbers, but in most cases, you are free to choose how many numbers you want to play. Basically, the more numbers you choose, the greater the maximum amount you can win. At the same time, it is also more difficult to enter a large number of your numbers. It’s harder to dot 10 out of 10 correct numbers than to dot 3 out of 3.

If you want to win a little and often, you should choose to play 5-7 numbers. If you have the opportunity to play 6 numbers on the variant of Keno you prefer to play, this can be optimal. Normally, you take home a win even if you only get three right. An alternative is to play 8 numbers. Then you get a win even on four courses at the same time as the highest possible win is relatively high.

When you play Keno online, you often have the opportunity to play a variant called Bonus Keno, ie a variant of Keno in which you can win a progressive jackpot if you manage to collect a certain number of bonus symbols while playing. When you play Bonus Keno, the so-called expected value per game round is slightly higher than usual. However, you only get the advantage of the higher expected value if you take home the jackpot, but why not take the chance to win a real amount while you can also win the regular Keno winnings.

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