For many people, the fast-paced games in casinos are a bit intimidating, which is why Pai Gow Poker is so popular. Although this game is slower, it has another advantage as it allows players to spend more time in the game without going bankrupt. The key to Pai Gow Poker and any other poker game is to first learn the basics, practice and build those skills, then have fun leveling up and making money in the game.

First, Pai Gow uses his deck of standard 52 cards in addition to Joker. This joker can only be used in two situations by him in the game. This means it can be used as an ace or used to complete a straight or flush. As a player, you bet on the circle in front of you. The dealer then rolls the dice to determine which player is dealt cards first. Once this decision is made, each player is dealt his seven cards to form two separate poker his hands.

His five cards dealt are placed in his high card section of the table and his remaining two cards are placed in his low card section. Note that the 5 card hand must be the highest scoring hand. So if you put the highest scoring card in the low card section, you automatically lose. However, to win at Pai Gow, your best hand and his second hand must beat the dealer’s best hand and his second hand. A push is shown even if the player or dealer wins one of his hands. This means that you have never won or lost a bet.

Pai Gow Poker has some exciting elements, but one of the most interesting is that you can ask to be the banker in the game if you want. In this case, all players at the table compare their hands to the banker rather than the dealer. Your job also means that you win all the ties. However, as a banker, you pay the winners out of your own pocket and collect the losing bets. Even if you are a banker, the casino does not stop the casino from taking his 5% commission on all winning hands.

To begin Pai Gow Poker, let’s assume that you are dealt a hand consisting of an Ace of Hearts, a King, a Queen, a Joker, a He’s 9 and a He’s 10 of Clubs, and a Queen of Diamonds. In this case, your best hand is the ace/queen/joker of hearts, the 9 of clubs, and the queen of diamonds. That will give you a pair of queens. The second highest hand will be a king or hearts with 10 clubs as the highest card is dealt. If you are dealt these hands, you can easily beat the dealer’s best hand, but the second-highest hand can be a push.

Like other types of poker, Pai Gow has a ranking for a particular hand.

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