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Craps is one of the most popular casino games regardless of whether you play Live or Online Craps in one of the online casinos. Craps is also known as a dice game.

Online Craps – Craps History

According to certain research, the history of the dice game goes back to the time of the Roman Empire. In fact, Roman players, and even emperors, have already tried cheating when playing craps. The first cube-shaped “throwing dice” was made around 600 BC.

If they wanted to predict what the tribe could expect in the coming year – various objects, arrows, stones and sticks were thrown for divination and the shamans also used dice. At that time, however, there were still different kinds of dice, not just the 6-number ones used today.

Craps is not the only game that we know was played before our era, but its true origin is unknown. According to some researchers, Sic Bo is a dice game or a form of it. Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance played with three dice. The bets are similar to other games, but the rules are very different.

Most experts actually believe that craps originated about a century ago. They claim that this is the game that was originally known as Hazzard, Others say that the game of Hazzard originated in England in the 12th century. There are many historical figures who are believed to have played a game called Gambling.

It is an accepted fact that the “Mayflower” brought the game to America under the name “Hasard”. In the 19th century, the French spread the game of Hazard throughout America, but they preferred to call it “Craps” instead of “Hasard”. Over the years, many craps rules and tables have been created for the game, but today casinos offer the most well-known version.

The “good” bet and “bad” bet options of the craps rules were created by Winn and he invented the “Don’t Pass” bet on the table. This is the dice game that we have been playing for the last 70 years because it first appeared in the world of casinos around 1931. Since then, the game of craps has become very popular around the world, even outside the casinos of North America.

Online Craps – Craps Rules

When you are the shooter in live craps, you must roll two dice with one hand. A regular roll is when the dice touch the edge of the table facing you.

In the game of craps, there is only one pitcher. The other players at the table, up to 20, can only bet on the outcome of the roll. You don’t necessarily have to be the shooter to have fun, but if you are, you can win extra money. There are different betting options when playing craps.

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