Myths about Slots

There are many myths about slots circulating on the internet and in regular casinos. Players are sure that if a machine just paid out it won’t do so for a while. It is also commonly believed that slots with bonus games are more lucrative than others. If you really want to master the slots and apply a healthy slots strategy you need to avoid these myths and learn the truth of the matter. Read about some of the most common slots myths.

1.) The Slot just paid out and it is better to stay away from it.

It seems like the most logical thing. If the slot machine just gave out a jackpot it must collect new money to build up the next jackpot with. Not so. Slots can pay out many jackpots in a row because they are not funded with a focus on a short time span. The casino slots are programmed to give the casino great profits but not necessarily in one or two days. Over the course of months and years, the casino is always the winner but on one lucky day, there could be several players that “beat” the casino on one slot machine.

2.) If I stick to the progressive slot machine I will eventually win the jackpot.

Someone will have to win the big progressive jackpot, eventually. This is all true and well. As the numbers of the jackpot counter keep reaching million after million it is easy to feel that some perseverance will get you to the money. It is crucial to understand that you could win the progressive jackpot in one try but you could also not win it at all after 10 years of playing on the same slot every day.

3.) It is better to play with bonus games.

It is not a myth that slots with bonus games offer more entertainment and if this is your goal then these are certainly the better slots for you. What many players believe though is that bonus games will give them a better chance of winning more money. It is never this simple. You can’t compare two slots based on bonus games or no bonus games. It is better to look at the payout percentage if you want to compare and then play on the slot with the highest percentage.

4.) Some Slots are luckier than others.

If you are logically inclined you will most likely laugh at this myth but the truth is that many players go by it. If they see that a certain slot has paid out big amounts of money many times they think that this is a lucky slot. It can also be an individual belief where it looks as if you have better luck on a specific game rather than another.

5.) With a Strategy I can win on Slots.

No strategy will guarantee you a winning result on slots. You can only control the gaming experience and how much you lose! There are many slots myths and a smart player makes sure to see through them and not build his games around them!

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