Tips to Make the Most of Deposit Bonuses

Remember to verify your account

This is a technical point that many players often underestimate: it is true that no deposit casino bonuses, whether they are welcome bonuses without deposit or promotions separate from those of entry, are by definition bonuses to which we are entitled simply by signing up to an online casino, but most of the time signing up is not enough if the account is not formally verified first.

How to verify the newly opened account? It depends on the policy of the individual online casino: some sites “settle” for a verification made through two-factor authentication (using your email and/or your phone number), others instead require the digital or paper submission of your personal documents.

In any case, it is a formal verification that takes place in a rather tight time frame and which, once carried out, gives full right to enjoy the no deposit bonuses as well as all the other promotions that the gaming platforms offer to their new subscribers.

Choose a slot with a high RTP

Still talking about terms and conditions, even if this time about the games themselves, it is here that we find expressly described what the RTP of each title is: a very important detail that is worth knowing so that you can always choose well.

As you know, the RTP index (acronym for Return to Player, or Return for the Player) is a percentage that expresses the return of money that players have in the long term with a given title: it is an average value calculated taking into consideration all players and not just one, which is clearly important to consider before thinking that this percentage directly affects each user including us.

To give an example, let’s consider a slot machine with an RTP of 98%: this figure means that for 100.00 bucks all players “invest” in this slot, over the long-distance 98.00 bucks are redistributed in winnings to the players themselves. and that is precisely why we recommend always playing with titles that offer a high RTP value, simply because they imply an equally higher chance of winning.

What value should you consider as “high”? On average we can say that an RTP equal to or greater than 98% can be considered as such, while one between 94% and 97% can be considered average. Anything less than 94% is instead to be interpreted as a low RTP index.

But to avoid serious misunderstandings we want to reiterate it one more time: playing with a slot that has an RTP of 98% does not mean that you have as many chances of winning in each game, but precisely that in a long period of time and in the face of all the bets of all players, that game usually redistributes 98% of the money it collects on average.

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