Proof Of Ownership Of The Method Of Payment

Most often, a scan of the front and back of the bank card used to top up your account or bank statement is required.

A very important detail is to hide the 3-digit code on the back of the card in the photo, so as not to get all the data on the Internet.

Common requirement – bank card verification

Attention! The customer is often confused because he has not made a deposit with a bank card, and the casino wants to verify it. This is because not all methods can pay out winnings from online casinos. For example, when depositing with a Cash terminal, you can pay with a bank card.

Verify an online wallet profile

When depositing through an online wallet, the condition is always that the account is yours. The names there should be the same as in the profile in the online casino.

The casino can always call you. This is to verify the phone number. Whether on this number the person who registered an account.

The other can easily be proven if someone has made a profile of his grandmother. The ‘fraud’ department at the casino notices a newly registered customer with a year of birth of 1947 – then they will most likely call. If the person on the other side can’t answer questions like what casino games or how to deposit, everything will be clear.

How long is the inspection?

It varies from casino to individual but may take a few days or just a few minutes. Be honest when opening an online casino account. No need to enter fake data. The fraud will certainly be exposed.

Online casino verification

How the verification process works in our casinos separately will be discussed for you in the following lines.

Casino verification – summary

We have reviewed and summarized for you how online casino verification is done. In addition, we looked at the individual verification in the various casinos that operate legally in our country. Remember that there is no way to pay a profit if you have not verified your account.

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