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Welcome to Baccarat Bets

Welcome to Baccarat Bets, your best choice for everything baccarat-related. Articles, tips, strategies, recommended online casinos – you will find all of those here. Explaining baccarat is not a difficult task, as it is both popular and simple. In fact, the rules are so simple that even complete gambling amateurs may learn them within minutes. Baccarat has, hence, been popular for a very long time, ever since it made the spotlight as the favorite James Bond casino game. Baccarat is also lucrative, as the house gets only a 1.06 percent edge. On top of that, it is fun to play, requiring some concentration and some common sense. Opponent reading skills are always useful, but this goes for all casino games. If you are a pro gambler, you will already know that. If not, well, practice makes perfect. Not to mention that this skill is extremely useful in all other situations as well.

As for the rules: place a bet and see if it does the trick. Right, so much about baccarat strategies. The game is often likened to roulette, but the truth is that in baccarat you will have a say. Basically, you will be dealt two hands ( ‘Banker’ or ‘Hand 1’ and Player’ or ‘Hand 2’) and choose the one you wish to place a bet on. If you are a blackjack fan, you will need to pay attention to the differences between the two games, as game totals in baccarat are calculated differently. While in blackjack the total count has two digits, in baccarat only the last digit counts. For example: if the total is seven plus five, it will be counted as twelve in blackjack, but as 2 in baccarat). Also, keep in mind that Aces always count as one, and face-up cards don’t have any value. The third card is being dealt out. If you are new to the game, you would do your best to start playing in an online casino. Online baccarat rules are the same as those of the live one, while online casinos offer free bonuses. The first one you will get is a sign-up bonus, which you may use to practice the game. We have selected the best online casinos offering baccarat. Browse and choose! All of our recommended sites are licensed and risk-free. Payments and money withdrawals are undergone in a secure way, 7 days a week, 24/7. Still, we recommend you should read the terms and conditions beforehand, as all important information regarding bonuses and payments is stated there. Sign up, collect your bonus, and play away!

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