What is Growing Jackpots

Have you ever noticed that without looking away, you are looking at fast-growing numbers on the small screen of a slot machine? The sum of these numbers is called the ascending or progressive jackpot. Every player around the world dreams of winning a jackpot at least once in their lifetime.

Jackpot – in the beginning, it was a bowl or a pot

The word “jackpot” originated around 1870. This game is based on a poker game called “Jacks or Better”. Players placed their bets in a large pot and only won if they could show a pair of Jacks or Better cards. If no player had the relevant cards, the total in the pot only increased, and sometimes the amounts were impressive. Since then, the jackpot is the place where the money (or interest on bets) is accumulated.

What are growing jackpots?

There are various types of slot machines in the casino and gaming halls. At first glance, they seem identical, but if you look more closely, you can see big differences. Simply put, slot machines can be divided into 3 types:

  • Stand alone
  • Community vending machines.
  • Standalone slot machines

Conventional slot machines are stand-alone. It is a simple slot machine that is not connected to any other slot machine or slot machine community. The jackpot is made up of money that you and other players have accumulated in the slot machine before you. In other words, you simply invest the amount in the slot machine and win the amount of money associated with the winning combination you specify in the slot machine.

Casino Slots – Local Jackpot

The name itself says it all. Casino slot machines are slot machines that are interconnected in one casino or gaming hall. The bonus or casino jackpot played on these machines is becoming more and more interesting. The total increases by adding a percentage of all bets set on all slot machines in the casino. In most casinos, the jackpot amount can be quite a lawsuit.

Casino Slots – Community Jackpot

Community slot machines and community jackpots are the biggest breakthroughs in the growing jackpot. Their operation is identical to that of casino slot machines, the only difference being the number of slot machines (it is much larger). If a casino chain has the same type of slot machine in different cities or countries, the jackpot amount increases, so the total amount increases dramatically. Although the chances of winning are lower, the winnings seem more tempting. The game is very similar to playing online slot machines. The same slot machines are available at different casinos, and the slot machines in this chain have one central casino jackpot. That’s why community jackpots on the Internet are worth millions of dollars.

How to win a growing jackpot

To be honest, it’s not easy. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be so many millions worth of jackpots. Pay attention to the rules – in many slot machines you can only get a growing jackpot if you have played all the winning lines. Jackpot’s win is the most successful success.

There is always a chance to win the jackpot

So if you know the opportunity exists, you also need a little motivation. The biggest growing jackpot to date was won in October 2015. A player at the British casino Betway Casino invested 30 bucks in the Mega Moolah slot machine and won a staggering  17,879,645.12 bucks. This record was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. You just have to believe in success. With a little patience – and anyone can become a millionaire.

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