Real-Time Gaming (RTGor Realtime Gaming) for Roulette

There are four versions of roulette in RTG. They are classic games, but there is a huge difference between the payouts they have to offer. Let’s take the example of roulette which has an advantage that is nearly 5 times higher than that of roulette. This is simply not acceptable and is the reason why you have no reason to choose this version.

Roulette is not much higher than Roulette, while New  Roulette has the same house edge as  Roulette, but is a bit different.

Online Roulette

online roulette has kept it very simple, offering variations like Roulette. As we have already mentioned, Roulette is the most interesting variant. Casino games provide players with a unique experience by providing games with a great atmosphere and style.

Make no mistake, this publisher obviously excels in the field of slot machines, but it also offers other rather decent games, if there is nothing else available.

You won’t find many table games in popular casinos and as far as we know there are a lot more casinos that own their slots than casinos that offer their table games to players.

NetEnt Roulette Software

NetEnt, also offers classic games, as does BetSoft. Their graphics may be interesting, but they are still basic. The payouts aren’t the highest you’ll find, and you won’t find these games at every casino either. This is simply because most players and casinos prefer table games from Playtech or Microgaming. They primarily view NetEnt as a slots publisher.

The only version of roulette offered by the publisher is NetEnt Live Roulette, the version of roulette that is played with a live dealer. It takes place on a clean and organized gaming screen, and is worth trying out, but NetEnt’s live casino games are not easy to find.

The Benefits of Online Roulette

Bonuses – You will find much larger and more interesting bonuses online than in traditional casinos.

Variety  – Land-based casinos only offer one or two variations of roulette, whereas an online casino will offer you several.

Live Dealer  – Still want the traditional casino experience with the convenience of the online experience? Live Dealer games are exactly what you need.

The Disadvantages of Online Roulette

Thrills –  Sometimes the thrills of playing in the real world just can’t be experienced online.

The community –  In casinos, roulette is a collective game, where you can have fun with others, and this is not the case online.

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