Free card games, especially free poker online card games are experiencing a real renaissance in terms of efforts to produce the best possible free card games software. But first, let us give you a small intellectual input in form of the history of card games.

The card game is a description for any kind of game that bases on playing cards. From a historical viewpoint, card games most probably came from China. It is not sure but it is speculated that card games were developed out of ancient board games. When this exactly happened is still disputed by many historians. But please do not take our word for it! The only thing we know for sure is that it was not us that invented them. We just give you free card games to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Returning back to the present. Today free card games are frequently found on the web. Nevertheless, you have to be sure not to catch a virus with a free download. Mentioning the renaissance in free card games and free online card games, one has to realize card games are really hard to experiment with in terms of special effects and all the other features so heavily used with other computer games. So nowadays if a company wants to present a free card game on the market, it really has to make it perfect, expectations of users are highest than ever. Regardless of the fact that it is presenting a free game. Good news for all visitors of our free card games site.

The selection of free card games on the web is overwhelming. There are 12 commonly accepted categories o free card games out there: Trick-tacking games with the Spades as probably the most prominent representative of this category; Casino or Gambling card games with Poker as the undisputable king of cards; Accumulating games with the War as the first one that crossed our minds; Collectible card games (CCGs) with Pokemon as just one of many; Fictional card games with Exploding Snap from Harry Potter book series; Multi-genre Games with Tripoly as the one we could think of; Fishing games with Cuarenta to name one; Shedding games with Uno, Dead Money and more; Solitaire games with Spider Solitaire as the favorite of Windows games; Rummy style games with Canasta, Gin Rummy and others; Drinking card games with Hi-Lo for example and Other card games where all other more or less known free card games found their home.

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