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Whatever your preferred game, whether you are a casual player or a high roller, we will tell you which online casinos offer safe games versus those that offer free download gaming that has the biggest bonuses, what games you download find there, what platforms they run and how often they pay out.

So as you get started in the world of online casino gaming or if you are looking to try out a new casino, which one would you like to do? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Download or Flash Online Casino?

For many online casino players, the biggest decision is whether to join a casino that has downloaded software or a casino that uses Blitz instead, a system that doesn’t have the convenience you want to download any software onto your PC. Most online casinos require the use of downloaded software, although many offer the ability to play some limited no-download games.

The advantage of downloadable software is that it provides you with a much more authentic online casino experience. The games actually sit on your PC so you can benefit from some excellent graphics, faster play, and high-quality sound effects. Some online casino software also allows you to chat with other players, giving you the opportunity to exchange notes with other players.

The games run off a complex algorithm or program called RNG (Random Number Generator) that changes the behavior of the casino game. They can also run from network jackpots on their slots called progressive jackpots. These slots are fed by players from different casinos and the jackpots grow to amounts in excess of a million pounds. only lists online casino operators that run on secure and independently tested software platforms.

Flash casinos operate in much the same way, except that there is no downloadable game sitting on the casino server. The games are similar, although some cut-down versions have to cope with technical limitations, and they offer the convenience that you don’t have to download any software before you play – ideal if you’re playing from someone else’s computer, or you’re playing on a Mac.

Both versions will usually offer you the option to either play for real money or for free to get you started.

Live Casino or Virtual Casino?

Live online casino sites are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for those who prefer playing on a physical table rather than playing against a computer simulation.

In a live casino, you are playing at a table that’s filmed from a casino itself with a real live dealer. You make your bets online, watch the action on a webcam and even chat with the dealer. Not all online casino games are available through Live Casino however there may be quality issues if you have a bad connection.

Which Online Casino Software?

While there is a huge range of online casinos out there, many of them are much more alike than they would have you believe.
Take a look “under the hood” from a selection of online casinos and you will find that the software that they are based on is often the same. There is nothing unusual about this and all casinos will tell you that they are based on a specific platform, but when you are looking for a new online casino you might want to make note of what software they are based on.

Microgaming, Playtech, and Realtime Gaming are just a few of the companies that develop all the technical stuff. The land-based casinos then use their own designs and deal with the customer and marketing side of things. The difference to the customer is that a separate software company will host different games. This means that if you are attracted to the huge jackpots at the Mega Moolah slot for example, which often runs into millions of pounds, you will want to look at a Microgaming casino.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus

It’s always nice to have a warm welcome and what better welcome could there be than free money?
Almost every online casino offers you a bonus for your selection-thank you, but some offer more than others. Here, we’ll be updating the offers and bonuses regularly to help you find the best deal.

And of course, all bonus offers were not created equal. What might look like a good deal, to begin with, might not be the best choice if you happen to like playing roulette, for example. We try and strip the deals down so that you can easily understand and compare them.

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