Bluffing at Online Casino Poker

Bluffing was often considered a trait of table poker but can now also be used in online casino poker. A brief guide to online casino poker bluffing can be used as a useful playing strategy. Bluffing is something one would never have considered to be possible over the internet, and when playing in online casinos. This habit has been thought of to be reserved for the smartest table poker players. Not anymore. This trend has hit online casino sites and is a common practice in online poker rooms.

The worst bluffers are those who think they know how to bluff but actually do not. Some basic online casino poker bluffing rules are as follows: Bluffing will work best at tight tables and will not work as well at loose tables. In low limit online casinos poker tables, bluffing should be avoided. High limit, or no limit games are the best places to bluff or to call someone bluff. It is obviously slightly harder to bluff at online casino then when you can read the body language of someone. But, once you know the player’s strategies well enough, you should be able to read their movements too.

Try to get to know the other players before you start a game with them. The chat boxes available in many online casino poker rooms are often a blessing. If someone is very chatty, they can often be nervous, which means they could be bluffing. If they suddenly go quiet, it could mean that they have what to think about, are planning their strategy and need to concentrate – i.e. possibly a good hand. Bluffing in online casinos poker is definitely different from regular bluffing, but it is an art that can be mastered.

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