Blackjack: When to Hit and When to Stand: a Lot Depends on the Dealer

The dealer’s card

The game of blackjack requires some precautions from the players. The most important is to never play exclusively with your own cards but to do so above all on the basis of the dealer’s card. A bit like in basic poker strategy, in which players are advised not to play exclusively with their cards, but rather to put the rival’s possible range first. In Blackjack, compared to poker, there is the advantage of knowing the dealer’s first card and therefore the starting point. Always remember that the dealer already with 17 is obliged to stand. While from 16 to go down he will have to continue to throw even after the second card.

But let’s get back to the main topic. It goes without saying that the higher the dealer’s card, the more likely it is to beat the players. Following the table of percentages, the best possible situation for a player is to have the dealer assigned a 5. In fact, as can be easily deduced, he will have to take at least two more cards. For this reason, the percentage of seeing him bust in this shot is 42.89%. As a result, the player’s advantage rises to 23.20 %. So once we have received the second card, regardless of the accumulated score, we must “stay” and let the dealer risk that, as mentioned, he must draw at least two cards.

More or less similar speech if the dealer receives a 6 as the first card. The chances of him busting on this hand are 42.28% and the player’s advantage still grows to 23.90%. In short, the lower the dealer’s card, the higher the chances of seeing him a bust. Therefore, the player in this situation must take as little risk as possible and let the dealer take the risk.

High Card, Big Risks

The dealer becomes dangerous in online blackjack when his card is high. The higher the score, the more the player’s disadvantage grows, beyond his score. The situation is very difficult if the dealer has an ace as a starting card. A 10 or figure is enough to close the “ Blackjack ” and at that point, it doesn’t save us anything. The ace to the dealer drops the percentage of seeing him bust to 11.65%. However, the data you are worried about comes from the player, whose advantage is reminiscent of Siberian temperatures: – 16%.

On the same wavelength when the dealer has a 10 or a figure. Seeing him get high is difficult and will only happen in 21% of cases, which is one in five times. The problem always remains the disadvantage of the player whose percentage always remains below zero, at – 16.9%. It doesn’t do much better with a nine-over-the-counter (23.34% bust, resulting in a -4% disadvantage ). Things rebalance from seven as the dealer’s cards.

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The topic discussed today may seem to the most experienced players something highly trivial. Instead, it is always good to remember this strategy. In the next few days, we will deepen the question by talking about ” Soft Hand “. The fundamental aspect, however, always remains the same: the dealer’s card affects our strategies

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