Blackjack: the Terminology in Blackjack – Everything You Need to Know

It is considered by many to be the most popular Live Casino game. The reason for Blackjack which we can play in both land and online Live Casinos.

Before you start reading the Blackjack Strategy you should have a full understanding of the terminology and meaning of everything you find in the world of Blackjack.

See Blackjack Terminology in Detail :

First Base:  Refers to the player’s position and specifically concerns the player sitting to the left of the dealer.

Third Base:  Refers to the player’s position and specifically concerns the player sitting to the right of the dealer and taking cards first. It should be noted here that the majority of players avoid sitting in this position as it is considered bad luck.

Action: when we hear this term we are asked if there is action on the table.

6 cards or more:  When a player has drawn 5 or 6 or 7 cards and has not been dealt then the player automatically wins

Blackjack:  When the player has 21 with an Ace and a Ten.

21:  When the player brings 21 in any other way

Bankroll: is the position that each player puts next to the money he has won and then wants to bet.

Dealing from Below:  Here we are in front of the fact that the dealer “tries” to steal and deals cards from below.

Break or Burn:  When the player exceeds 21 and burns.

Chips:  These are the round plastics that represent the money on the table.

Crop:  When the dealer cuts the deck for a better deal.

Deal: The dealer continues to deal the cards.

Pull:  When the player draws another card to reach 21

Double Down:  This is the moment when a player doubles his bet after seeing his first 2 cards. Then he can take only one card and no other.

Early Surrender:  This is the decision that a player makes to stop before the dealer goes down and opens his cards. In this case, he gets half the bet.

Even Money:  We are talking about the case where the dealer has opened his hand and has an Ace and the player has done Online Blackjack. Then the player risks either winning if the dealer does not bring an Ace, or losing if the dealer brings an Ace.

Face Cards or Figures:  These are Rigas, Vale, and Dama.

Hard Hand:  When there is no Ace in our hands. The “hard hand” also exists in case we have several cards and the Ace we draw is counted as one.

High Roller:  This is the player who always bets high and always has a high bankroll.

Hit:  Pull another card.

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