A New Online Casino Hotspot?

Traction is one thing that hasn’t lacked when it comes to online casino gaming. In fact, the industry is slowly beginning to find a home within the region. However, as the popularity of hosting elements of the industry continues to grow, it now must be a district that falls in the line with the rules of the West and tackle the same sensitive issues. Pushing forward the need for such adaptation, has been chosen to host this year’s Gaming Congress. The conference, which is known to be one of the largest of its type, will bring together industry mega powers from around the world. From market leaders to legal experts, the Almaty-based Gaming Congress is all geared up to be the most important industry conference of 2015.

Prominent Names Likely to Appear

The conference itself is expected to tackle several delicate and sensitive issues, which is why a major turnout is expected. Several high-profile speakers are expected to attend in order to give their personal insight into issues such as taxation, cryptocurrency integration, and legal frameworks. The hottest topic of the conference is sure to be bitcoin, largely as the cryptocurrency has helped create a brand new wave of online casinos. Such currency has become fully accepted by some and completely blocked by others, with it in many ways creating an industry divide.

It is also expected that more and more casino portals will pop up. We’ve seen before in other countries, how the portals can really draw more attention to the gaming industry, recruiting new players to casinos and offering helpful advice when it comes to the games.

Looking into the Future

Another plus side of the Gaming Congress is the Expo element that it houses. The latest and greatest online casino technology is expected to be rolled out to visitors in order to give them a glimpse into the future. What technology and innovation are set to be showcased is currently not known at the time of writing, but the ‘Demo Area’ will be free to view and is sure to enthrall if prior gaming congress appearances are anything to go by. A tour of the local casinos is also set to be arranged to give visitors a glimpse of the industry’s current state. With 40 casinos in the nation currently and more in development, the gambling market is clearly in the midst of a growth spurt with it quite possibly being a sign of the future.

Player engagement Gaming Congress will bring together some of the online casino industry’s brightest and boldest, with what’s occurring sure to be a hot topic of discussion on casino portals around the world. What the Gaming Congress in many ways represents is a huge step forward for an online gambling entity. By hosting the event in Almaty, it is true that the online casino industry is giving the nation true backing. Given a successful Gaming Congress, there is no reason why can’t become a long-awaited new online casino gaming hotspot.

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