Withdrawing Your Winnings

It doesn’t matter if you’ve won $2 million or just $2, you’ll want to take your winnings out of your casino account. Most of the time, withdrawing money from an online casino is easy. If you’ve set up an online money transfer service like NETeller to deposit money into the casino there is a chance that you’ll be able to make a withdrawal to that service as well. Most online casinos that accept NETeller and FirePay for deposits also use them for withdrawals as well, so this will be the easy way to do it.

If you want your money sent a different way, most online casinos can send your money through other services like wire transfer, bank check and some even offer a direct bank deposit, but this is rare to find. What you should check with your online casino are the fees that will be charged for each withdrawal method that you want to use, and how long the withdrawal will take to process and then get to you.

In most cases, electronic transfers like NETeller will take 1-3 days to complete after they have been approved by the casino staff. Other options like wire transfer or check will take up to a week to process internally with the casino and then will take however long the postal service takes to get the check to you. Checks and wire transfers also usually attract higher withdrawal fees then electronic services do.

If you have made a withdrawal and you have expected that it should have turned up into whichever account you have asked for before now, but it isn’t there, you should contact the casino and talk to their customer support staff about the delay. Most of the time there will be a good reason for this, like the postal service is slow, or the external payment processor has been held up. It is always nice to know that your money is actually on its way to you.

There are not many online casinos that will have problems paying their customers. Online Casinos are always quick to ensure that their customers are paid out a quickly as possible so that they don’t get a bad reputation around the internet. It’s always in the online casinos best interest to pay up on time, every time. The good thing is that all reputable online casinos do just this.

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