Types and Description of Buttons

When players are going to gamble in a casino, there is always a dealer at the table. His task is to deal cards and monitor the progress of the game, but he himself does not take part in the game. The situation is different in poker. According to the rules of the game, the croupier is not obligatory here and the players can take over his function. What is the poker dealer chip for? The dealer’s poker chip is very important. It displays or determines the order of actions to be taken during the game. For example, who should put the cards first or who should place the bet.

It is very important it also has other functions but first things first. Types and description of buttons the dealer’s poker chip or button comes in different categories. Professional if the games are held in professional casinos or among high-level players, then the attributes should also have an appropriate appearance. If we are talking about just such attributes, then these are heavy massive buttons, often made of wood. The most popular color scheme is the double-sided button with the dealer logo . You may have seen these in casino movies.

Amateur the most common plastic chips, also labeled dealer. But they do not look like a washer, as in the first case, but like ordinary flat coins they are also called the dealer button. Timers they are used in the game in order to keep track of the order of actions during the game, as well as to control the time allotted for thinking of moves by the players. These buttons also show the time remaining until the next blind level. Multi-functional attribute required during the game. Decorative chips of a wide variety of colors and designs, which are also often used in casinos.

A dealer in a professional casino always has a whole arsenal of different buttons in stock. Usually they use such chips dealer button the dealer needs this button to show who to start the game with and for those sitting at the table – to determine the order of moves during bargaining. Big blind the big blind small blind is the small blind all in when a player, in excitement or by calculation, bets all the chips in his stock, the dealer hands him the all in button. Missed blind the missed blind if the player misses the blind, the dealer places the corresponding chip next to him.

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