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Whether it is a birthday party, wedding anniversary, or corporate event, a casino party will be a unique way to celebrate and enjoy. We offer casino equipment rentals for almost all occasions. With our unique ideas we help you to organize and plan your special occasion or event. We provide a complete line of the highest quality casino equipments rentals. Generally, we rent to catering companies, hotels, churches, synagogues, party and event planners, marketing and promotion companies, and many others. Yes, we also rent to individuals to make their special occasions unique and memorable.

We provide you with the highest quality, full size gaming equipment. All our tables are furnished with correct accessories to make your gaming activities as realistic as possible. Also we assure you that our gaming surfaces are not imitations. That is all our gaming surfaces are actual layouts used by major casinos. Casino equipment rentals are offered fully staffed (if needed), or you can use your organization’s members to make a more personal casino effect. Some people also make a ‘mix and match’, that is a combination of our dedicated staff with you. The decision is yours, you can use it anyway you want.

We specialize in creating upscale casino nights for festivals, grand openings, special events, fundraisers, corporate events, grad nights, and weddings. We are one of the leading casino equipment rental service providers in Texas. Our service area covers all the major cities in Texas – Austin, Houstin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. These are some of those major cities where we have a solid and ever increasing client base. While giving a casino party it is a common scene that many people are not able to decide how many dealers and tables are needed to give a party for the invited guests. If you are confused about this topic, don’t worry just call us we will help you to decide on what you need. The number of tables and dealers differs according to the type of the party, the length of party, and who is attending it. We will help you to decide on all topics which are needed to make the casino party an ultimate success.

You can contact us by calling up our office located across the country or your state, or just send an email with your request. We provide casino equipments rental services at a much reasonable rate. Check out our website for the terms and conditions of casino equipment rentals so that you will get a clear picture of our rates and other conditions of our rental services. We recommend you to inform us in advance so that you can get enough time to check out our services in detail and check all our casino equipments before zeroing on any specific equipment. Also, we can provide you with a number of unique themes for almost all occasions. With our years of experience in rental services we will be much familiar to tell you which theme will well suit the occasion. If you need any help you can contact us to select an ideal theme for your special occasion.

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