Rules of Blackjack Games

the goal of the game is to beat the dealer by totaling the highest number of all without ever exceeding 21. If you, another player or the dealer exceeds this figure he is out, he has lost. The dealer always moves last, it follows that if everyone loses, the casino wins even if it has exceeded 21. In the online version, after selecting the blackjack room and finding an open table, sit back and wait until players are missing and all seats have been filled. Decide how much you want to bet before starting the game. Other times the value is given by the choice of the table which provides a fixed and equal entry cost for all participants

Each player receives two cards face up, the dealer is no exception but only one of his two cards is visible in turn, clockwise, each person decides what to do: ask for one or more cards or stop! Beware of the clock, the time to decide is limited. If the dealer also hits a blackjack, the player gets back the amount wagered. If only the dealer achieves this score, all participants lose by default and the game is considered over. The chances of exceeding 21 increase if we ask for a third card. If we score 14 or more, in fact we already have more than 50% chance of losing and we should therefore carefully consider the dealer’s upcard.

With 16 we exceed 21 62% of the time, totaling 19 we will lose 85% of the time and so on. The rules of blackjack are not complicated. In fact, however, it is one of the few games where, like poker, the player determines his destiny for himself as very little is left to fate and in this case it certainly cannot be said that the bank is always an advantage. In fact, it is possible to beat the dealer on the green carpet of your home. To find out which online casino is most suitable for you, refer to the other articles in this section of the site.

If the situation is particularly favorable, after receiving the first two cards, we can ask the doubling of our previous bet and you receive a third card. It must be said that doubling up in blackjack is a special case that due to the variety of situations it could trigger we do not recommend to those who are not fully familiar with this method. Double if your total is at least 9, better 10. The odds peak if the total is 11 and the dealer does not teach a soft hand. In the event that you receive a pair, it is possible to ask for the division of your hand into two, both hands now compete separately and you will have to bet on the new one thus created an amount at least equal to the one already placed. Aces and 8s must always be split while refraining from this operation if the pair in possession is a four, five or 10. Both of these moves allow those with a little memory of high school probability and statistics lessons to considerably increase their chances of winning, unfortunately, the limited time of card games and the crowd watching us in the land-based casino will often make it difficult to calculate. In mind and it is, therefore, necessary to train in order to maintain the right concentration at all times.

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