Recognition of Cards in Blackjack

The rules of blackjack are that card deck has no significance compared to other games. Any card with a picture, be it a king, a queen, an ace or a jack – is equal to 10. The only exception is the ace, it can be recognized as uniform if the position is more advantageous for the player. Such a combination is called soft, and when the ace is recognized as ten, it is called solid. The essence of the online casino game the main goal of the player is to beat the dealer and win money. This will happen if the player collects a combination of cards equal to a total of 21. But very often even a low combination, such as 17, 18, 15, etc., is enough to win.

Under no circumstances should you get a sum of cards with a combination that exceeds 21, this situation in blackjack is called excess, so called. Bust. According to the rules of blackjack, blackjack is not a game between players, but a player playing in a casino. The number of participants in blackjack is limited only by the number of seats on the table, which are called boxes. Most casinos use seven-box tables, but if there are free boxes on the table, the player can take part in several boxes at once, ie take up a lot of space. Casinos generally place the maximum and minimum bets on the table in a conspicuous place.

The amount of bets on blackjack tables is mostly in the area of ??certain restrictions so that the player can play at the desired table based on his funds. Game march at the beginning of the game, the dealer first deals one card to the players and himself, after which the player analyzes the situation. In most casinos, the player has no contact with the card, i.e. He simply sees his card on the table and therefore makes decisions. After the first card is dealt, the dealer deals the second card and the game is played separately with each player, the main thing is that the total number of cards does not exceed 21.

Let’s say your bet is 1 gel. If you win, you will receive extra gel, and if you lose, you will lose gel. If you have a blackjack on the first hand, in this case the casino pays 3: 2, ie you will win in total by 1.5 gel. There are also cases when you and the dealer have equal points, in this case the game ends with push, ie no one wins. When you have received two cards and you still think it is possible to have a blackjack by adding a card, you can put your finger on the cards, it will be an indication that you are adding a card. This game will continue until you approach 21 or exceed. At the end of a direct game with a player, the dealer must also add cards to his own until he has accumulated a minimum of 17 points. There are cases when all the players sitting at the table are over 21, in which case the dealer may not add a card, since he has won the game with everyone.

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