Professional Blackjack Casino Player

Some casinos offer a contribution to pension insurance, life insurance, or, for example, contributions to sports activities and recreation. In addition, if you work for a large number of casinos, you can be assigned to other parts of the world. Of course, this planning can also be your biggest enemy – in the off-season you can get to work only 4 hours a day and the casino will simply not pay you more. In casinos that are operated by large companies, employee benefits can also be very pleasant. We introduced you to both the positive and negative aspects of the dealer’s work.

We certainly did not try to discourage you from this work, nor did we want to persuade you in any way to embark on this path. For some of you it will be a dream job, for some of you it will be a nightmare. You know best which of these groups you belong to yourself. So decide. Good luck in your working career. At present, the term Blackjack is generally considered a metaphor for activities with crazy chances or possible outcomes. In other words, for a game in which you are guaranteed to face catastrophic consequences in the end.

Nevertheless Blackjack casino has a very realistic history and is still played on many occasions around the world. Let’s take a look at how this game came about, where it comes from, what it represents and on what occasions you can meet it. History of Blackjack in classic Blackjack, a group of people – or even just one person – use a real revolver and a single charge. One of the players places this charge in the war, spins it sharply and then puts his revolver to his head. By pulling the trigger and waiting for what will happen next, they take matters into their own hands.

After a few bottles of vodka, this game may seem much smarter than it looks. However, it is difficult to imagine a reasonable and sober person who will share this view. The game of Blackjack was essentially invented to test human happiness. The revolver cylinder has six chambers, if you place the bullet in only one of them, each time you put the revolver to your head and fire, you have a one in six chance of killing yourself. If the reel spins before each game, these chances remain the same in each round.

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