Poker Starting Hands Not Worth Playing

There are some pretty good hands in poker that at first glance seem to be quite strong. But if you start playing them in an aggressive style, you can get big money. Dangerous starting hands in poker should be played carefully and not rushed. Then the game will bring you not only moral, but also financial satisfaction. So, what starting hands in poker you should pay attention to queen and ace of the same suit. Poker players know that small pots tend to win with this hand, but if they lose, then big pots.

King and queen are suited quite a good combination, even better than some combinations with an ace. The problems are similar as in the previous pair. Moreover, the queen and the ace are stronger than the given margin. Although the margin is stronger than a king with a jack. If your opponent has exactly this combination, then you will win. Ten and jack of the same suit many casino players love this combination, considering it a good one. But a professional would not recommend that you play this hand as strong, otherwise you can lose a lot.

Two nines so far from a strong hand, at least at first glance it might seem different. Chances are very high that you will lose your bankroll. Ace and another card of the same suit. Everyone wants an ace, this one is for sure. And it’s even better to pick a suited card for him. But in reality, such a combination is not really valuable. Of course, in the case of a flush, you can get the nuts, but this is unlikely. After all, in this case your opponent must be with a strong hand to pay your flush. These are just a few of the hands to watch out for in poker.

The more you play, the more your personal list will grow. But first, remember these starting hands that you shouldn’t play. Thus, the dealer remembers that the player did not completely leave the table, but left for a while. Reserved this counter means that free space is reserved for a player who will soon have to join, but did not have time to start the game. Seat change during the game, players have the right to change their place at the table if someone leaves the game. This chip is given to the player specifically for the given purpose of changing the seat at the table.

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