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A bonus, which is then a gift you get from the online casino, is very positive and can give a welcome boost to a gaming account. At the same time, one must not look blindly at the sums and promises themselves. It is important to be a little critical, so you get the best bonus on the best terms. This will only become more important over the years as there are so many who want to offer casinos. So the probability is that there will be even more casinos, which can thus offer even better to attract more players.

Who can get a bonus?

Everyone can get a bonus, but there are different bonuses in question. Some bonuses are only available on first registration, while others are reserved for those who play a lot in the casino. Then you also have several bonuses that are distributed randomly, often in connection with launches of new casino games, as part of an e-mail campaign or something else. So there are many opportunities to get a good bonus.

Although there are many different bonuses online, one must be aware that they are not completely free. In practice, this means that the player must spend money to get paid out the winnings that the player has won with the bonus. The size of the claim varies a lot but is over 10 times the bonus amount. The player must meet the play-through requirement within a certain time, preferably around 7 days. This means that during these 7 days they must have played for so much money. So these are important numbers to look at before using a bonus. For some, such wagering requirements are not a problem as they have a large gaming budget.

The second thing to look at is which games are included in the wagering requirement. Almost everywhere, the bet on slot machines counts 1:1 in relation to the wagering requirement. Table games tend to countless then between 0.5 or as little as 0.25. Note that bonuses are also largely aimed at those who play slot machines. So it is fitting that it is slot machines that count the most against the wagering requirement. The latest in bonuses is what is called a loyalty bonus. This is a way for the casino to reward players who spend a lot of money in the casino. This is set up like a ladder, where players climb upwards when betting money and have to go down when using fewer players.

Getting something for free is always positive, but it is important to check what this offer contains. How much do you get for free and what is it for? In some cases, you only get free spins and this is fine if you play on slot machines. But if you only play table games then there is no reason to accept a bonus. Sometimes you only get free spins on certain slot machines. This is great if you like these Slot Machines. If you do not enjoy these slot machines then the question is whether to accept. Because they come with wagering requirements and this means that you can risk losing money by receiving this gift from the casino.

Table games are the category of games that are increasing the most in popularity. At the same time, they are still behind slot machines when you look at how many people play and not least, how much the casinos earn on the game. So for now, the casinos are more concerned with inviting more games on the slot machines than on table games. Therefore, for the time being, one will have to look hard to find bonuses on table games. But this is coming soon.

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