Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Since the first recorded spins of a roulette wheel back in 1796, millions have tried their hand at coming up with a formula for beating the odds. Sadly, considering the fact that over 200 years have now passed and we’re still no closer to finding said formula, it’s largely safe to say it doesn’t exist…and most likely never will. And to be honest this is a good thing, as games like roulette couldn’t exist were it not for the possibility of striking out – that’s where the thrill lies, after all. On the plus side though, there are ways and means by which you can improve your odds of winning at least a modest prize – especially if you join the online roulette revolution that’s going on all around the world right now.

Single Zero European Roulette Wheels

For example, it’s always worth taking the time to find a roulette wheel to play on that has only one zero on it as opposed to two. American roulette wheels more often than not have two zeros, which means you have a one in 39 chance of hitting the number you bet on. European wheels on the other hand have just a single zero, so your odds improve to one in 38. The difference is 2.7% to 2.63% respectively and while this doesn’t sound like the most monumental improvement to your odds, every little helps in a big way. If you’re planning to play regularly or for a long period of time, these little differences soon add up.

Understand the Sliding Scale

There are really only two ways of playing roulette – one being for maximum returns and the other being for any returns at all. Like most casino games, what you have to remember is that there is a sliding scale at work here which mean that the higher the potential win, the lower your chances of winning it. Betting just $20 on a single number might win you $700, but you’re massively more likely to win $40 by putting the same $20 on red or black. The odds never change, so all you need to do is understand the odds of each bet and the sliding scale in order to bet accordingly.

Never Look for Patterns

Red hasn’t come up for nine spins, so surely it must be due to come up next, right? Wrong. And how about number 21 – it’s come out six times in the last ten spins, so it must be a lucky number, yes? No. Argue all you want, but every single spin of the roulette wheel is as random as the last. The odds of a thousand spins in a row being all red or even the same number are just as high as any other random string of numbers and colours. So regardless of what your gut or indeed your astrologer might tell you, don’t get side-tracked looking for patterns that don’t exist.

Enjoy It

The moment you realise you’re still playing though aren’t exactly having fun anymore, it’s time to walk away. Frustration and anger will only ever lead to bad decision making, so even if it’s a little painful to walk away accepting defeat, it’s more dignified than sticking around and losing even more.

Newbie Guide to Online Gambling

It’s not until you’ve been playing online casinos for a fair few years that you realize just how much you’ve learned along the way. Likewise, it’s hard to imagine being a newbie and getting started again for the first time, which today can be more intimidating than ever before due to the sophistication of the latest online casinos.

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick and simple guide aimed and first-timers looking to get involved in what is undeniably an incredibly enjoyable pastime:

How Do They Work?

In the simplest of terms, an online casino presents a digital version of any number of classic casino games that can be accessed via the internet. Once a player has signed up, the games can be accessed and played online, or in other instances by using a small program downloaded onto a computer. Money is deposited into the person’s account for making wagers, while all winnings go into the same account for play purpose or to withdraw.

Are They Safe?

If you pick an online casino that’s been at the forefront of the industry for years, the answer is yes. There are plenty of 100% safe and secure online casinos out there and it’s easy to avoid those to the contrary. With a little common sense thought and vetting, it couldn’t be safer.

Are They Legal?

It all depends on the individual casino in question and the country in which it is based and operates. It isn’t difficult to check the legal status of any online casino – you need only carry out one or two quick web searches to return all the information you’ll ever need to make a wise and informed decision. Just make sure first that your country and state of residence permit online gambling!

How About the Odds?

Odds vary in accordance with the game in question, the wager and the casino as a whole. However, if playing table games like roulette or craps for example, the odds are exactly the same as they would be when playing with a real wheel or dice respectively.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up should be kept easy enough – simply head over to the casino website you’re interested in and you should be able to get going in minutes. You’ll usually need to give your name, email address, country of residence and deposit details if you want to play for money.

What About Payments and Withdrawals?

All vary in accordance with the casino itself, though most accept a wide variety of payment methods including credit cards and PayPal. For withdrawals, some offer instant payments and other advice of processing times of up to seven days – always read the small-print.

Are the Bonus Offers for Real?

Indeed they are, but you need to check the attached terms carefully. You might be given a genuine $1,000 bonus when signing up, but they might not let you get your hands on it until you’ve wagered at least $10,000 of your own money.

How Can I Make Sure I Win?

Sadly you can’t, but you can certainly make sure you don’t lose enough to sour the experience. Set sensible limits and keep a level head to ensure your online gambling activities are always enjoyable, often rewarding and never regrettable.

Introduction To Casino For Real Money Gambling

If you are trying hard to make a profit out of one of your passion that involves casino gambling, you have come to the right page. We are going to discuss some basic strategies on how to play casino for real money and also share with you some tips on how to cleverly gain more edge on the casino. Remember the fact that casinos, both land and online facilities are always going to be looking to gain money out of your gambling habits, passions or guilty pleasures. Despite of the fact that you might hear of casinos offering free blackjack rounds or free slot spins and huge first deposit bonuses or even special bonuses offered for choosing one deposit method or the other, and despite of the fact that you might be considering all of these elements as some ways in which casinos are allowing you to ease your path to gambling casino for real money, the truth is somehow different.

Sure you might think that a casino is going to actually lose money while providing you with the alternative of playing poker or slots for free, but the truth is that this is nothing but a highly smart approach to the matter on behalf of casinos that are this way managing to draw more and more gamblers in their side. Folks are going to come running to a place offering free Kasino rounds, just like they would come to a place offering free beverages. Playing a few rounds of free slots is going to eventually make one want to take things further and eventually opt for the choice to play casino for real money. It’s really a simple chain to follow, so make sure you don’t get all too excited upon reading about some huge bonuses and some additional perks of gambling casino for real money. Instead, focus on choosing a place that is able to offer both you and the casino the edge you are looking for.

How To Play Casino For Real Money: Keep Your Head On Your Shoulders

Avoid falling into the trap of well-advertised casinos online that are not being legally approved by higher specialized international gambling forums; don’t let some huge thousand dollar bonuses steel your eye vision and know for a fact that laying your hand on those money is not a job that is going to resolve itself the moment you make your own deposits.

As a matter of fact, you are going to have to carefully read all the rules and terms of agreement and check out all the information regarding the conditions under which you shall be able to actually make full use of your bonuses (how many poker or blackjack games should you be “forced” to play in order to keep your bonus intact? What sort of betting levels will you have to address?). Knowing all of these is going to save you from the trouble of getting upset all for nothing; play casino for real money knowing the precise rules of the games you are playing and never gamble when you are upset or depressed or even intoxicated.

Play Online Blackjack For Real Cash

Why Is Blackjack Online the Choice Of So Many Gamblers?

First of all, the game of blackjack online is one of the most popular types of casino games, next to slots and poker and it is much appreciated because of the long history and tradition that are part of it, the simplicity of the game and the opportunity to use certain blackjack online strategies in order to gain some obvious advantages over the dealer. You shall get to play the formerly known game of “21” against the house or the dealer and not against other players and you shall have the opportunity to first practice your skills while choosing to do some blackjack playing for free.

The rules of the game are quite easy to understand and digest and they are going to enable you to spend more time focusing on the kind of systems and “legal cheats” you could be using in order to improve your shots of winning. Going online for a game of blackjack and pausing your gambling for one reasons or the other (such as to look for some additional strategies you could be incorporating inside your gambling techniques) is something that the regular land casino is not going to be able to provide you with.

Online Blackjack: Basic Gambling Strategies

You can either choose to enter the gates of an online casino that solely focuses on blackjack gambling, or you can pick a place that offers some other game varieties as well. Keep a close eye on those particular online blackjack casinos that display the highest first deposit bonuses for playing blackjack, but make sure you read the small print at the bottom of the terns of use and make sure that you know for a fact which are the precise conditions and gaming requirements you are going to have to respect in order to enjoy the entire bonus and not lose part or all of it because you fail to play the predetermined number of online blackjack games or something the like.

Once you have chosen the best casino, start using the basic blackjack online strategy which consists in knowing the rules of the game by heart, knowing how to keep the right score in your hand, keeping a close eye on the dealer’s card facing up and deciding when it is the best time to split or double. You are also going to have to get proper instructions on how to surrender when you are offered the chance to do it and how to play against a soft 17 hand. For instance, you should double down whenever you have a ten or an eleven and when the dealer is displaying an up card whose value is smaller than the value of the hand you are holding. You could also choose to double down with nine when the dealer’s face up card is a three, a four, a five or a six. Hit instead of doubling down, if this option is not available for you. Also, do the same with your hands that are less than 11, stand for hands that are in between 17 and 21.

The Game of Online Roulette Explained

First and foremost, you need to know that, upon choosing an online casino, you shall be prepared to dedicate a great deal of time online, sitting in front of a desktop computer or a laptop or even holding a smart mobile device in one hand (all connected to the Internet, of course) and finding the best places where you can exercise your casino skills. But you should also prepare to embrace the pure beauty of online casino gambling and of all of the perks that come with it.

If you are truly passionate about the game of roulette online, you basically have two highly viable virtual alternatives to choose from: an online roulette casino and a general casino online that displays the entire range of casino games, including all known types of card and table games, and, of course, slot games. Dedicating your time to browsing a 100% roulette casino online should aid you perfect your skills and strategies of playing the game that most folks consider a game of pure luck. The more general type of casinos is going to be providing you with some additional choices, in case you get bored of playing roulette online on a daily basis.

What Sort Of Online Roulette Casino Should You Choose?

You shall get to enjoy a greater edge on the house if you decide to choose the French or the so-called European online roulette game, in the detriment of the American roulette online (which comes with the extra “double zero” spot and which is going to lower your shots of winning more often). Do not be afraid of the fact that you shall not be able to play anything else but American roulette online – all top notch casinos should be prepared to cater to your every need and offer you all of the known and also the most popular varieties of roulette online games. (expect to be coming across mini roulette games online, as well, which, according to some folks, seem to be doing a much better job boosting your shots at winning more often) Moreover, choosing a game of roulette online which is ready to offer you some impressive first deposit bonuses of several hundred or even several thousand dollars should also be on top of your head. Payouts that go as high as up to 98.99% or 97.77% will definitely also make for some crucial criteria which should aid you make up your mind concerning the roulette online casino or game you shall be using next.

Are Roulette Online Systems A Good Idea?

Some folks argue that playing online roulette is all a matter of luck, fortune or of destiny showing its ugly or nice tail every once in a while in the scenery’ others claim that they have been using their very own roulette systems for years and that they have managed to come uop with some pretty impressive winning patterns. But this took some time and these systems (such as the Martingale or the Paroli systems) cannot be proven to work all the time.

Blackjack Tips

Always keep a straight face, don’t let on if you are happy or sad about what you are winning, losing or your luck – the best gamblers keep straight controls on their feelings. Only play with what you can afford to win so that you won’t feel bad if you do lose. Drink when you are finished playing blackjack, the more you drink alcohol, the more fogged your mind will be in regards to your rules, objectives and the money that you are spending!

Remember to keep an eye on what cards the dealer has and don’t worry about the other players’ cards. You are going to ultimately playing the dealer more than you would be any player at any table. If you need a refresher, choose a free black jack game before playing on a for real money site or table where you can lose money fast if you are not careful.

If you find yourself afraid to hit, do it anyway. Don’t be afraid to hit when you think it is the best possible move. Trust your gut instinct in the game. Set yourself a limit on how many losses per table. Take for examples if you lose five times, move on to the next table, and if you win one and lose two at least you are doing a little winning, keep it up!

Keep a positive mind-set, thinking you are going to win will help lady luck move over to your table! (Or at very least it can’t hurt to think this way!) If you only see small point cards come out for a few hands, keep your bets smaller. When you start seeing the larger cards rolling out for a few hands then you can increase your bets for a better odd

Craps Strategy

With this few ideas our intention is to give you a real guide to play with the best chances in each craps game. Please, read our craps guide before start playing so you can be sure of the meaning of each of the following bets: the pass line bet, the come bet, the 6 bet, the 8 bet and the free odds (pass line bets with odds). Those are the basic bets to start playing craps.

The best bets you can do are the pass line bet and a come bet. The house advantage for the pass line bet is 1,41%, the don´t pass edge is 1,36% and you can reduce the odds taking free odds on either bets.

You have to remove your bets before the next game because all the bets keep in the craps table from one game to other. It doesn´t matter if you win, your bets will be left in the craps table waiting the next game. Please, avoid playing all the propositions bets at the same time. Take part of the free craps session´s at the casinos so you can learn and practice your bets.

Keep away from craps system and craps techniques described in other sites, just bet what you can loose and what you feel won´t change your live. Many players have tried different system and techniques that promise you can be rich playing craps and that´s not true. Perhaps you can win a lot of money but all it´s in your good luck. You can buy craps books that teach you how to be an advanced player but they are not going to make you rich.

If you want to have fun at the casino craps, don´t make your bets on the “don´t pass” and “don´t come” bets, remember you are playing against the dice and you will be winning when they are losing. Try to make that bets when other players are betting on that bets too.

Online casino craps are great because you are not bothering the shooter.