Origin of Slot Machines

The origin of the slot machines back to the beginning of machines called “nickel in the slot”, although these were not equal to the slot machines we know today. But the first slot machine concerned was created by Charles Fey in 1895 in San Francisco. In 1907, these machines were modified at the hands of its creator, when he joined the Mills Novelty Company, responsible for the production of the “Mills Liberty Bell.”

In the beginning, slot machines were made of cast iron, until Mills Novelty in 1915 began to produce wood-based, which lowers its construction. This company changed again in 1930 slot machines, a change that revolutionized the industry.

In the late 40’s, slot machines in Las Vegas achieved notoriety thanks to Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, who install a lot of slots in the Flamingo Hilton, the idea of entertaining the wives and girlfriends of gamblers.

To play the slot machines do not need to have extensive knowledge concerning the rules of the game, which makes the slot a game even more attractive for those who love entertainment and gambling. This leads to the machines gain wide popularity in all casinos. With slots, casinos get much of their profits, which get averaged between 60 and 65% profit.

Slot machines were operating at one or more coins introduce. When the player managed to win one of the regular prizes, coins containing the slot in question, fell from within the same into a container in which coin was deposited, to finalize the specific award. In the event that the fuse very large prize, a casino employee was responsible to repay the prize won by the bettor.

Modern slot stopped using coins for their operation. Currently make use of cards. Every gambler has the chance to see their loans through a digital terminal, which is located, placed on the slot machine itself. In addition, today we find the online slots, where the money is deposited with a bank account. Player’s online slots can have control of their loans since they are clearly visible from the monitor of your own home.

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