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Gambling for money is usually called gambling. Dice games, card games? gambling is just a collective name for the games that are based on chance. However, there is another collective name for these games and that is casino games. However, casino games do not include all games of chance. The term casino games only applies to games played at a casino. For example, craps is a casino game, while the dice game 3s is not. Both are played with money, but the former is available at a casino unlike the latter. Below is a list of some casino games that can be found both at a casino and elsewhere.


The most popular casino game is poker. In poker, tournaments are held and all casinos around the world offer their visitors the game. Avoiding poker requires an incredible amount of effort? everyone is exposed to the brilliance of the game. In this fantastic game, it is important to be the player with the best card combination. If you happen to have a bad hand, however, there are other ways to make a profit. Poker is also very much about reading your opponents and adapting their play so that they play to your own advantage. To do this, you must have a good understanding of body language and gameplay. The poker pros are incredibly good at reading other people and are aware of how they behave.


When you step into a casino, the first thing you see are the rows of brilliant slot machines. The popular beginner game always has a special place in the casino premises. Unlike the slot machines that are found in restaurants, they can hand out even higher jackpots at casinos. All that is required is a coin and a special image combination on the three spinning drums.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game that comes from China. All games of chance originate from China, but today Sic Bo is the only game that is directly taken from the Chinese gaming market. To win at Sic Bo, you have to guess correctly how three rolled dice ended up. The three dice are thrown hidden from the players. You can bet on how all three dice landed, the sum of the three dice, individual dice, odd, even and similar types of bets. Depending on the probability of one’s bet, a large or small profit will be awarded.


Roulette, small wheel as it means in French, is usually called the devil’s game as the sum of the roulette wheel’s numbers, 0 to 32, is 666. But so far no devil has appeared. Instead, the game has brought a lot of joy and happiness. A ball is dropped into the spinning wheel and players bet on what color and / or number the ball will end up on.

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