Martingale Betting System

The Martingale system is the oldest and most primitive betting management system. Spread of Martingale system and its popularity among the players was one of the original reasons the casinos implemented table bet limits. Due to nature of this betting system, upper table bet limits make it ineffective and in fact invalidate it.

Basically, Martingale betting system is about increasing every bet every time you lose a game; it expects that no matter how much you bet, eventually you will win and all your losses in previous games will be covered. Theoretically nice in the long run this system simply never works in real life because the upper bet limits make it impossible to make up for the progressing sum of losses in a losing streak.

For instance, you bet $1 on an even money game and lose. You then double that amount and bet again. You lose again and, having lost $3 already, bet $6 in hope that your next round will return you $12. However, eventually you will hit the table limit which is when you don’t have more breathing space and the system fails.

Today this strategy is devoid of meaning and can only be used in a combination with other bet management systems. There are very few occasions on which this betting system can be used meaningfully. We highly discourage the players to use it on any real money games unless you know exactly what are you doing. The betting management is tightly related to particular game odds, and the fixed protocol of Martingale makes it very unstable and unsuitable even in the games that don’t have a dangerous table limit. Martingale systems are mathematically unstable even on short game periods and are absolutely useless for anything larger than that.

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