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A review from a Mrs Williams, suggested an unusual look at just how Casino’s houses operate, I was playing on online casino today and I went on Black Jack it was one of the most nerve wracking games I had ever played, my total consisted of nineteen I had to think should I try and swap one of my cards and take the risk of ether getting a higher score of twenty one or get a lower score and not have a chance in the game at all I decided to stick with my cards and lay them down to have a chance in winning twenty thousand pounds sterling I waited for the others in the game to lay their cards to it took ages to find out who had won but when I saw that the other players card couldn’t match I mine I screamed with joy and ran around the house and told everyone at work which got them in to online casino playing as well.

Another one of my interesting Black Jack stories is when I first started and my first game was rather scary as I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, gambling online but I tried it out and set off by putting one hundred pounds sterling on the table the cards got handed out my set contained a score of fifteen i decided to gamble and swap one of my card to get a higher score when I did I wanted it to be a higher score so bad when I got my card swapped  I got back a jack and I already had an ace so my score was now up to twenty one so i knew I could win this game easily he put his cards down I laughed and put my card down as I knew that I had won the money, ever since then I have been coming on online casino.I think most of the reasons why I enjoy online casino is because it is simple, easy to access the rules are carried out very well and you can play it any time you want.

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