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On the face of it, all online blackjack games appear to be similar. However, when you consider the nitty-gritty of the variants, you will find that the personalized set of sub-rules implemented by each online casino make each game different from the other. Before you select a variant and start to play online blackjack, you must take into consideration the particular rules.

Look for answers to questions like:

• How many decks are being used?
• Is doubling down allowed after you split a hand?
• What does the dealer do on soft 17 – stand or hit?
• Is surrender permitted?
• Will you be allowed to split a pair of aces when a third ace is dealt to you?

The rule of thumb is that the house edge over a strict adherent of basic strategy in blackjack is 0.5%. The actual scenario shows a variation in house advantage from almost 0.20% to 0.75% as per the rules being followed. The more you lose, the more the house edge goes up. But if you play the correct moves and select a good game with rules that somewhat favour the player you can cut the house edge of 0.5%up by half.
What are your options at online casinos?

Typical Blackjack – Six decks are used to deal the cards. The dealer is made to stand on soft 17. Players are allowed to double down after splitting and re-split two hands to four. This setup maintains the house edge at 0.43%. if the rules allow the dealer to hit on soft 17, and the show is eight-deck, the advantage for the casino goes up to 0.67%. if, however, player-friendly variations like Surrender or permission for re-splitting aces are incorporated, your disadvantage will amount to only 0.35.

Low deck numbers in online blackjack – Since it is believed that online blackjack games played with fewer decks will benefit the player, some online casinos try to fool the gamers by offering double-deck blackjack but tightening the rules. The house advantage over the perfect basic strategy player escalates to 0.75% if the double-deck blackjack permits the dealer to hit on soft 17, prohibit double down after splitting and limit the doubling option to hands totalling 10 or 11 only. Nowadays, single-deck blackjack games come with the trap of 6-to-5 payouts that, provided the other rules are the same, puts the player at a 1.6% disadvantage. Keep away from single-deck games if they pay 6:5.

Best Blackjack – some online casinos emulate Vegas casinos like Bellagio and Mirage that offer double-deck games with rules of six-deck games. The disadvantage to you goes down to 0.2%. These are the best online blackjack conditions of offer.

Now that you know which rules play out to your advantage and which lower your odds, search the internet extensively. You are sure to find casinos that offer online blackjack terms favourable to the players. Reputable online casinos are subjected by authorities like Kahnawake Gaming Commission to verifications of randomness in card dealings and will not rig the games. Most provide the true odds to the game of your choice. Look for the Kahnawake logo to ensure the reliability of the online casino.

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