Craps Strategy

With this few ideas our intention is to give you a real guide to play with the best chances in each craps game. Please, read our craps guide before start playing so you can be sure of the meaning of each of the following bets: the pass line bet, the come bet, the 6 bet, the 8 bet and the free odds (pass line bets with odds). Those are the basic bets to start playing craps.

The best bets you can do are the pass line bet and a come bet. The house advantage for the pass line bet is 1,41%, the don´t pass edge is 1,36% and you can reduce the odds taking free odds on either bets.

You have to remove your bets before the next game because all the bets keep in the craps table from one game to other. It doesn´t matter if you win, your bets will be left in the craps table waiting the next game. Please, avoid playing all the propositions bets at the same time. Take part of the free craps session´s at the casinos so you can learn and practice your bets.

Keep away from craps system and craps techniques described in other sites, just bet what you can loose and what you feel won´t change your live. Many players have tried different system and techniques that promise you can be rich playing craps and that´s not true. Perhaps you can win a lot of money but all it´s in your good luck. You can buy craps books that teach you how to be an advanced player but they are not going to make you rich.

If you want to have fun at the casino craps, don´t make your bets on the “don´t pass” and “don´t come” bets, remember you are playing against the dice and you will be winning when they are losing. Try to make that bets when other players are betting on that bets too.

Online casino craps are great because you are not bothering the shooter.

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