Choice of blackjack games

When you first look at a blackjack table, you can often see that it says something like – ‘Blackjack pays 3 to 2’ and ‘Insurance Pays 2 to 1’. Pay 3 to 2 means that if you bet eg € 10 you win € 15 at blackjack. ‘Insurance 2 to 1’ means that you get back half your bet if the dealer gets blackjack and you paid insurance. We will play with tables that have these rules, we will not use the fast insurance rule because it gives worse odds in the end than if we do not. Another thing that can also be written on the blackjack table is ‘Dealer must stand on all 17’ or ‘Dealer must hit Soft17’. The first statement means that the dealer must stay if he has 17 or more. The second statement means that the dealer must draw on soft 17. We will play on tables that have ‘Dealer must stand on all 17’ which is a great advantage for the player.

Blackjack is a game where one moment you win and the next you lose. The first thing to decide is how much you are willing to have as a bankroll, ie how much you have to play for. If we call each bet a ‘unit’, you should have a ‘bankroll’ of at least 400 units, and you should play about 50 hands at each game. This is the seed pros play. If you choose to play with € 1, you should therefore have € 400 in bankroll, if you choose to play with € 0.25, you should have € 100 and so on. Increasing and decreasing the stakes when playing is the key to success, it has been shown. When you win, you should increase your bet and when you lose, decrease it.

The increase should be about 25%. If you play for € 5 as a bet, you should therefore increase your bet to about € 7 when you have won a hand. When you win another you increase to about € 9 or € 10, and when you lose you go back to € 5. The famous blackjack strategy of counting cards or memorizing cards that have been dealt does not make much sense when you play blackjack online because the deck of cards is shuffled after each turn. If you want to use card counting, you should play at live dealer blackjack tables.

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