Casino Bonus Offers

Just about every online casino has some form of bonus offers. Some of these bonus offers can reach an astonishing 1,000% for whatever amount that you deposit. This seems crazy. Why would online casinos just give away free money like that? The answer is that there are always conditions that are attached with any bonus deals. This lesson outlines the different types of deals and promotions that are available, and some of the conditions to look out for.

No-Deposit Bonuses

A No-Deposit Bonus isn’t offered by all casinos, but some do offer this deal. What this is is that the casino will place a small amount of money into your real-money account so that you can play the real money games and see how well you can do.

First Deposit Bonuses

This is the most common bonus that online casino bonus that’s offered. A first deposit bonus is when the casino gives you a percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus for making a deposit. This usually means that you’ll have twice, or more, then you originally deposited to play the games with.

Re-Deposit Bonuses

Re-Deposit Bonuses are given by casinos to encourage players to top up their account. These bonuses are usually slightly smaller than first-deposit bonuses, but these are just as useful, giving you even more money to play with.

Loyalty Points

A lot of good online casinos offer a loyalty point program. this is a system that lets you build up points for playing the games at the casino. You’ll build up points by betting real money on the games. Usually a point os given for every dollar that you bet.

Claiming Bonuses

Most bonuses have to be claimed by entering a Bonus Code. Most bonus codes will be shown clearly on the casinos website, but some you might need to go looking for. if you can’t find the bonus code for a bonus deal that you want to claim, make sure that you contact the casinos customer support staff and ask them what the code is.

Common Bonus Conditions

There’s always conditions on getting free money. Most of the time, the online casinos will give you free money to play with and impose conditions on that money. The normal conditions are that the bonus amount must be turned over in game play a certain number of times. As an example, if you have a bonus that needs to be turned over 4 times and you deposit $100 and receive a $200 bonus, the $200 bonus must be played on the games for a total of $800 before you can withdraw any of that money. This is mainly so that the casinos can be sure that you won’t just take the money and run, like most people would.

The main point of this lesson is that you should always make sure to find out the conditions that are associated with any conditions that are on offer. If you can’t find them easily on the casinos website, Email their customer support and make sure that you have their conditions in writing so that you can be sure of what you need to do to get the best casino bonuses available.

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