Blackjack Tips

Always keep a straight face, don’t let on if you are happy or sad about what you are winning, losing or your luck – the best gamblers keep straight controls on their feelings. Only play with what you can afford to win so that you won’t feel bad if you do lose. Drink when you are finished playing blackjack, the more you drink alcohol, the more fogged your mind will be in regards to your rules, objectives and the money that you are spending!

Remember to keep an eye on what cards the dealer has and don’t worry about the other players’ cards. You are going to ultimately playing the dealer more than you would be any player at any table. If you need a refresher, choose a free black jack game before playing on a for real money site or table where you can lose money fast if you are not careful.

If you find yourself afraid to hit, do it anyway. Don’t be afraid to hit when you think it is the best possible move. Trust your gut instinct in the game. Set yourself a limit on how many losses per table. Take for examples if you lose five times, move on to the next table, and if you win one and lose two at least you are doing a little winning, keep it up!

Keep a positive mind-set, thinking you are going to win will help lady luck move over to your table! (Or at very least it can’t hurt to think this way!) If you only see small point cards come out for a few hands, keep your bets smaller. When you start seeing the larger cards rolling out for a few hands then you can increase your bets for a better odd

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