Blackjack or 21 Strategy Tips

Just like anything else, there are many strategies to the game of blackjack. Many say that card games such as blackjack are based off of pure luck. With some time and thought, one can come up with different strategies that will help win the game of blackjack. There are many different strategies out there for blackjack; all of them help to an extent.

When engaged in a game of blackjack, whether it be in a casino or at home, it helps to have some sort of strategy to the game. After getting a good grasp of the game, one may start to develop a strategy to win. Generally, blackjack strategies are based around basic mathematics. Throughout the years, it has been proven by thousands of people as well as computer simulators that winning blackjack should be based around mathematics.

One strategy which is based off mathematics and probability, is called counting cards. Card counting allows one to track the ratio of high cards to low cards. Counting cards has been found to be the most effective mathematical strategy. Although this technique is not illegal, many casinos will not tolerate this type of strategy. In order to count cards, one much keeps a keen eye on not only his or her card hand, but the dealer’s hand as well. The way card counting works is that the player assigns positive numbers to low cards. One through nine cards generally has a number one assigned to them. For example, if a player receives two sevens, then each seven would be assigned a one, which would make the total to be two. Higher cards such as face cards will be assigned negative numbers. When adding and subtracting these numbers together, they should help one beat the odds.

Other strategies are based off of what cards the dealer gives the player. For example, when playing Hard Hands, if a player receives a total of eight or less, then he or she should take another card. If one gets a hand that has a total of seventeen through twenty one, then do not call for another card.

Generally speaking, when counting cards, one wants to bet a higher amount when the time is right. This is the whole point behind counting cards. As the odds decrease for the player, then decrease the wager. If one does not want to count cards, there are other strategies such as back-counting. This strategy is when the player stands behind a blackjack table to watch other players play. While doing this, count the cards while the dealer deals the cards. Some advantages of back-counting- being able to watch without placing a bet every round. The player is potentially able to win more money when actually playing. Some disadvantages are that a player may not earn perks that the casino gives out. The casino may not tolerate this back-counting strategy.

There are many strategies that help increase the chances of winning blackjack. It is important to find a strategy that works the best. Play with friends to find the best strategy. It would be wise to call a casino first to see what their policy is for blackjack strategies. With practice and some time, winning at blackjack will become easier.

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