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It is not very frequent, but there are times in basketball that the games after the last quarter end up tied and then you go to extra time. Since there is no tie option in basketball, the extension is the only way to tie a match that reaches the conclusion of the 4th quarter in a draw. This has an impact on sports betting as there are cases in which extensions are contemplated and cases in which they are not.

When is there extra time in basketball?

In basketball, there will be an extension when the teams are tied at the conclusion of the 4th quarter of the game, which is the moment when a game is usually considered over. If after extra time the game continues in a draw, it will proceed to a 2nd extension and so on until at the end of an extension one team has a higher score than the other.

Does overtime count in basketball betting?

Normally yes, but you have to differentiate between cases. In the market for the winner of the game, it is usual for the extension to be one more section of the game. Some houses also offer the possibility of betting on the 3 options, that is, home win, draw and away win. In this type of bet, the extension would not count. There are other options to bet on, for example, the total number of points that will be scored during a match, where the extension is normally that it does count, but they usually specify it anyway. The same happens in specific bets, for example, the score that a specific player will reach, which is usually specified if what happened in the extension is part of the bet.

Can there be a tie in basketball?

No. The option of a tie does not exist in basketball and can only end with the victory of one or the other team. For this reason, the extension is used and that is why if the case arises, they could be playing extensions for as long as necessary. In basketball, a game can only end with the victory of the home team or the victory of the visiting team.

Can I bet live during overtime?

Yes. Of course, you can bet live during overtime. The operation is the same as in the rest of the game and there is no difference.

Is overtime frequent in the NBA?

No, extra time is not something very frequent since ending with a draw in a sport in which the scores are so high is very difficult. In football, it is quite probable since it is usual for each team to score 1 or 2 goals, but in the NBA, where the average scores oscillate 115 points per game, it is quite unlikely that they will end up tied and therefore go to the extension. However, it does happen from time to time.

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