How to Find A Casino

Finding a reputable, secure and fun online casino can be quite a challenge. There are well over 5,000 different online casinos operating today, and not all of these can be trusted. How do you know which ones to play at and which ones to avoid? How can you find a good online casino to play at? This is what we aim to teach you in the first lesson of Casino Study.

Finding A Casino

Finding a casino that looks flashy can be enough to draw you in, but you should look beyond the glitz that’s showing on the surface to find out what the casino offers to you in games, customer support, bonuses and fairness. The best way to find a god online casino is to read the reviews of casinos that can be found here, and on other websites, to find out what playing at that online casino is really like. This will give you a good idea of what that casino offers and what you can expect from them.

Checking The Casinos Credibility

There are boards around the world that licence and regulate online casinos. These organizations take their responsibilities very seriously, and online casinos have to work very hard to be certified by these organizations. sometimes this can take up to 6 months of investigations by the boards looking into the casinos background, owners, business plan, software, random number generator, customer service and business model. All this goes into ensuring that you, the customer, gets the best experience that you can at an online casino. Always check on the online casinos website for the mark of a regulatory body, third-party auditing firm or another credible organization, and check with this organization that this casino is actually a member and has completed their licensing satisfactorily.

Checking Customer Support

Customer support for an online casino is the front line and needs to be quick, knowledgeable and helpful. We suggest trying out the casinos customer support by sending a couple of questions to them, something along the lines of asking about bonus codes, how big the software is, etc. Even though most of these questions will be answered with some digging on the casinos website, knowing that costumer support staff can get back to you in a good time makes playing there all the more secure.

Playing For Real Money

This is where things really start to get interesting, and this is usually the lesson that everyone looks forward to the most. When you feel ready to progress from play money gales to real money, it’s a big step, so there’s some things that you should look at before you make a deposit.

Online Money Transfer Services

There are a large range of online money transfer services out there. The growth in this industry really started when online casinos were targeted by credit card companies and most credit card companies will now no longer deal with online gambling in any way. This was caused by rogue casinos that ripped people off. Luckily, these casinos don’t last very long, and most have been forced out of the industry due to poor business.

Now, services like NETeller, FirePay, Moneybookers and a lot more offer you an easy service to be able to transfer money to a wide range of sources around the internet, including online casinos. If you don’t have an account with one of these transfer brokers yet, you should seriously consider this as this will be the easiest way to transfer money between your online account and your casino account.

How Much Should I Deposit?

The answer to this question is completely up to you, and what you can afford. Remember, gambling should be FUN. You should never gamble with money that you can’t afford to lose. Work out your budget for the game that you want to play and deposit how much you’ll need for the time that you think you’ll be playing.

When Should I Stop Playing?

You should set several limits for yourself. These are:

Set a losing budget – Only loose the money that you can comfortably afford to lose. If you lose that much, stop, and go back another time and try your luck then, don’t just keep on going with a losing streak.

Set a winning budget – Sounds strange, but this is a good point. Tell yourself that you will leave when you have doubled your money, or whatever you would like it to be or course, and stick to it. It’s a shame to see a hard-earned win given back to the casinos because you though you were on a lucky streak.

Set a time limit – Stick to playing for a certain time, and then leave. Spending hours and hours in front of the computer isn’t good for you, and everyone should get out and do something else, even if it is to just break the pattern for a while. Set a time limit for playing and then go and do something else.

Casino Bonus Offers

Just about every online casino has some form of bonus offers. Some of these bonus offers can reach an astonishing 1,000% for whatever amount that you deposit. This seems crazy. Why would online casinos just give away free money like that? The answer is that there are always conditions that are attached with any bonus deals. This lesson outlines the different types of deals and promotions that are available, and some of the conditions to look out for.

No-Deposit Bonuses

A No-Deposit Bonus isn’t offered by all casinos, but some do offer this deal. What this is is that the casino will place a small amount of money into your real-money account so that you can play the real money games and see how well you can do.

First Deposit Bonuses

This is the most common bonus that online casino bonus that’s offered. A first deposit bonus is when the casino gives you a percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus for making a deposit. This usually means that you’ll have twice, or more, then you originally deposited to play the games with.

Re-Deposit Bonuses

Re-Deposit Bonuses are given by casinos to encourage players to top up their account. These bonuses are usually slightly smaller than first-deposit bonuses, but these are just as useful, giving you even more money to play with.

Loyalty Points

A lot of good online casinos offer a loyalty point program. this is a system that lets you build up points for playing the games at the casino. You’ll build up points by betting real money on the games. Usually a point os given for every dollar that you bet.

Claiming Bonuses

Most bonuses have to be claimed by entering a Bonus Code. Most bonus codes will be shown clearly on the casinos website, but some you might need to go looking for. if you can’t find the bonus code for a bonus deal that you want to claim, make sure that you contact the casinos customer support staff and ask them what the code is.

Common Bonus Conditions

There’s always conditions on getting free money. Most of the time, the online casinos will give you free money to play with and impose conditions on that money. The normal conditions are that the bonus amount must be turned over in game play a certain number of times. As an example, if you have a bonus that needs to be turned over 4 times and you deposit $100 and receive a $200 bonus, the $200 bonus must be played on the games for a total of $800 before you can withdraw any of that money. This is mainly so that the casinos can be sure that you won’t just take the money and run, like most people would.

The main point of this lesson is that you should always make sure to find out the conditions that are associated with any conditions that are on offer. If you can’t find them easily on the casinos website, Email their customer support and make sure that you have their conditions in writing so that you can be sure of what you need to do to get the best casino bonuses available.

Playing For Fun

One of the main advantages that online casinos have to real-life casinos is that at online casinos you can play for fun to check out the games and see what the quality of the casino is like before you decide to deposit your own money to play with. There are some very good reasons why play money games are important for online casinos. Firstly, play money games let you check out the quality of the online casino software and get a feel for the game. Secondly, play money games let you see the range of games that are available and give you a good idea of the range of the online casino and if it will suit what you want to play. Finally, play money games give you a chance to try new games that you never would try if you were using your own money.

Testing The Casino

With the wide range of online casinos around, and the ever-increasing numbers of online casino software providers, it’s getting hard to know if an online casino will be good enough quality. That’s why play money games are good. You can test the games and see if they live up to the standard that you should expect.

Checking the Available Games

It’s always disappointing to try a new casino and realize that they don’t have the game that you want to play after you’ve deposited money with them, and now have to wait to get it back. Playing with play money lets you see what games the casino has available before you use your own money.

Trying New Games

How many times have you been to a casino and seen everyone crowded around a game that you have no idea how to play? For me, that game was Craps. I had never played it, I had no idea about the rules or how to bet, and I didn’t know where to start.

The way to learn these new games is to download the free online casino software and use their play money to learn the games, the rules and the bets. It’s amazing how easy it is to do. Being able to understand more and more games really helps you to understand more about how casinos work, and how other games work.


Information on Blackjack, Card Games

A review from a Mrs Williams, suggested an unusual look at just how Casino’s houses operate, I was playing on online casino today and I went on Black Jack it was one of the most nerve wracking games I had ever played, my total consisted of nineteen I had to think should I try and swap one of my cards and take the risk of ether getting a higher score of twenty one or get a lower score and not have a chance in the game at all I decided to stick with my cards and lay them down to have a chance in winning twenty thousand pounds sterling I waited for the others in the game to lay their cards to it took ages to find out who had won but when I saw that the other players card couldn’t match I mine I screamed with joy and ran around the house and told everyone at work which got them in to online casino playing as well.

Another one of my interesting Black Jack stories is when I first started and my first game was rather scary as I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, gambling online but I tried it out and set off by putting one hundred pounds sterling on the table the cards got handed out my set contained a score of fifteen i decided to gamble and swap one of my card to get a higher score when I did I wanted it to be a higher score so bad when I got my card swapped  I got back a jack and I already had an ace so my score was now up to twenty one so i knew I could win this game easily he put his cards down I laughed and put my card down as I knew that I had won the money, ever since then I have been coming on online casino.I think most of the reasons why I enjoy online casino is because it is simple, easy to access the rules are carried out very well and you can play it any time you want.

Online Slots

Here at games world, we help people get a better understanding of what casino games are and explain individually as well as comparing the different variations that are found in various other gambling places and facilities.

Online slots or slot machines are a virtual form of the original one-arm bandits and the fruit machines, which can be found in arcades, pubs, and casinos as well as various other places. These machines will consist from one-win line to as many as fifty and possibly higher. These machines can also consist of three to five reels (this will depend on games and companies). Each game will have its own theme; each casino theme will have set symbols and bonuses that will suit each game. The bonus will depend on the game itself and also how the creator wants the game to play. The best way to tell any of the points mentioned is to play the game for yourself and get a first-hand experience.

Gambling Ages

Gambling has had an age limit for many years. This in arcades, pubs, hotels, casinos, shopping centres, makes it so children who have an undeveloped mind cant gamble and lose their money. But the weird thing is that in all arcades that have two pence and ten pushers, don’t seem to have an age limit. These machines have a stool for children to stand on if they are not able to reach. Even though it’s a form casino gambling it is still open to all ages, where the games like fruit machines have an age limit of fifteen plus for the five-pound jackpot machines and an age limit of eighteen plus for machines that have a twenty five pound jackpot or higher.

 Game with Real Fun And Win

Today, gaming you might have come across many games amongst which the casinos have become more popular and are liked by people. They attract large people towards them because of the liveliness it has and gives lot of motivation to the player. Unlike other games where you need to keep trying and trying to win, the casinos have a unique way of making the player win which keeps encouraging the player to play more and more games of that sort.

There are many websites that have real casino online that can be easily launched and played at ease. These games are readily available on the internet and you can choose the category that you want to play. All these are available at free of cost and you can enjoy every other game in each category until you find the best one that suits your style and taste. If you are on the way home, or looking for a way to relax at your workplace you will find the Online Casino Bits a real entertainer that will keep you energetic and at the same time earn you points and offers.

With these points that you have earned during the previous casino games you can move on with the next levels thus making a great progress in your game. There are certain games which involve two players making it more interesting and fun.

It develops a kind of thrill and amusement when played with an opponent than playing it yourself. The casinos also have an option where you can set the level of difficulty before you start the gives. If you are a beginner then you may choose the easy level that will initially help you in understanding the overall feature and then you may gradually increase the difficulty levels. This not only rewards you more points but also the tricks that will assist you in winning more complex casino games online. A simple registration process is enough for you to begin playing these games instantly without having to wait for any kind of approval from the administrator or loading of the games.


The Different Types of Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments are a great way to take part in casino games and win extra prizes while we have extra fun. This is the reason why the popularity of casino tournaments increases every day, helped by the popularity of poker and blackjack tournaments we can watch on television. However, it is not necessary for us to be a television star to be able to play in a casino tournament.

The most recognized kind of casino tournaments are poker tournaments. In a freeze out poker tournament, poker players the same number of poker chips and compete among them. This means that as soon as a player loses his chips, he is eliminated from the tournament. When a player acquires all the chips from the other player’s wins.

Slot tournaments also are another class of casino tournament that are very popular among players. Slot players receive a small amount of credits to play slots. The player who has more credits when the tournament finishes is the winner. Slot tournaments are based on the speed of the game.

This means that competitors try to play slots as fast as they can at the beginning of the tournament in order to accumulate credits. However, it is possible that players decrease the rhythm of gaming near the end of the tournament if they feel they have a total of credits that is much higher than the closest slot players. In blackjack tournaments, players bet on a predetermined number of hands, all of them against the same croupier, and the player who has more chips at the end of the hands is declared the winner of that round. The tournament is based on bets.

Claim your Welcome Bonuses in Online Casinos

Online casinos give you the chance to play casino and have fun with casino games to great prizes. All you have to do is register in an online casino site and open a new casino account to make a deposit and you’ll be able to play casino at the time of the day you choose.

Nowadays, online casino sites offer casino players a broad variety of casino games and casino promotions that reward players with special prizes. Once you make your first deposit you’ll be ready to play casino, though many casinos give you the chance to play for free.

Most virtual casinos offer a welcome bonus poker based on the first deposit casino players make in their accounts. These bonuses usually go from 100% to 400% on your first deposit, up to an amount determined by the casino. With the welcome bonus you’ll have more chances of playing casino games and winning. Besides, online casinos usually have loyalty programs that give casino players the possibility to win special rewards. In general, while players play games they win points that are accumulated in their casino account and that can be later exchanged for prizes and gifts.

Online gaming rooms are a great choice to play casino without the need to travel long distances. Besides, since online casinos are always open, players can play casino games at any time of the day and all they need is a computer and Internet connection. Register in an online casino now and win.

Win Playing Online Casino

Most virtual casinos offer a welcome bonus based on the first deposit casino players make in their accounts. These bonuses usually go from 100% to 400% on your first deposit, up to an amount determined by the casino. With the welcome bonus you’ll have more chances of playing casino games like slot games and winning.

Playing casino and winning is possible thanks to online casino gaming rooms, that offer you lots of possibilities to win. Sign up and find out all the benefits that they feature, from a marvellous welcome bonus to a different casino promotion every day of the week.

There are many reasons why casino players choose online gaming rooms to play casino in the net. Visit a casino site and discover all those reasons while you win and learn new casino tricks.

Online gaming rooms are a great choice to play casino without the need to travel long distances. Besides, since online casinos are always open, players can play casino games at any time of the day and all they need is a computer and Internet connection. Register in an online casino now and win.