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Blackjack or 21 is the most legendary casino game. First of all, it is the game with the least mathematical advantage for the casino hence the most popular among knowledgeable casino players. Casinos have made many changes to the game of blackjack since the 60’s because great players, usually scientists who dealt with the mathematical properties of the game, proved that the player using various card counting systems could determine when during the game he had the mathematical advantage over the dealer and increasing his bets to be won in the long run at

All the mythology about card counting and the corresponding systems was built and is based on two of the rules of blackjack. The first is that no matter how many decks the casino uses 1, 2, 6, 8 or 12 in the blackjack game, the cards dealt do not re-enter the decks until the next shuffle. The second important rule of Blackjack is that the player can stop where he wants even at 12 while the dealer is obliged to draw even if he has 16, so if there are more big cards, aces and figures left in the shoe-box that contains blackjack decks the player has a proven mathematical advantage so he can increase his bets and win. When backgammon was played with 1 or 2 decks it was very easy for the players to follow a card counting strategy and some old legendary players certainly had their own way that was never learned, but no one had proved mathematically a simple and easy to remember way, about when the player gains the mathematical advantage.

One of the most important features of online casinos is that you can play all the games between them for free and free blackjack without any financial obligation on your part. You just download the free casino program to your computer and enjoy it for as long as you want free casino games without being bothered. With the free Blackjack, you can try all the strategies of the game, increase or decrease your virtual bet as much as you want, stop where you want, draw a card from where you want without anyone looking at you strangely, without disturbing someone next to you. Of course, this does not only apply to free blackjack but also to the game of money in online casinos.

The basic rules of conduct that one should have at the blackjack table are the following list. We will give you tips on the basic blackjack strategy as well as card counting in other articles. Give great importance to the dealer. He is in charge of the smooth running of the game and is usually an experienced person in blackjack. Since there is also the opinion of some players who say that they do not go to the casino for charity but to win and do not want to look like their winnings with others even in the slightest. I disagree with this view but it is completely respectable. Do not talk to other players without their consent and of course never fight with other players at the table for any reason.

Although you may see players before you do the incredible, you keep your cool and follow your strategy. Above all do not tell other players how to play even if they make serious mistakes and have good intentions it is annoying to be read and beyond any other betting tips system always follow the basic strategy of blackjack. If nothing else the basic strategy keeps the casino advantage very low and gives you the opportunity with any card counting system to always turn the odds in your favor. Do not let anything make you forget the basics. In too many casinos players are not allowed to face the cards. Follow the rules of each casino. But in general, it is good to get used to playing blackjack without touching the cards. Learn the signals of blackjack, the gestures to the dealer.

It is better to use this correct way of communication than to shout or not be heard from the noise of the casino. Do not touch your chips after the cards have been dealt. In general, the hands near the chips and the leaves, in addition to the necessary movements, create irritation in everyone. The basic strategy in Blackjack is the knowledge that all casino players must have before sitting at the blackjack table. It does not give them an advantage but reduces to a minimum the advantage of the casino. It is the basis, the beginning for anyone who wants to deal with blackjack. Of course once one learns the basic blackjack strategy one can move on to some card counting strategy.

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